We all build ideas in our minds about what life will be like. Yet, we may sit on the sidelines of our own life and resign ourselves to a life filled with regret.

Nearly 10 years ago I took a massive leap to leave the corporate world to pursue my soul purpose.

I knew that as long as I persevered and asked questions, the answers would naturally come and that I would end up exactly where I needed to be. I have now been blessed with so much occupational freedom compared to working in the corporate world. Living an entrepreneurial life has now promised me days of creativity, adventure and self ownership.

Here are the top 5 factors that will stop you short in your tracks on the success train:

  1. The fear of judgment, failure or inadequacy
    Define your niche and stick to it! Confidence is key. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that bring passion and innovation to what they do. Instead of being fearful, celebrate all of your successes!
  2. The uncertainty of your goals, mission and values
    When you have no clear plan to keep you focused, that’s when you may lose sight of your objective. Overcome this by setting different short and long term goals in both your professional and personal life. While on the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur, reassess your goals every so often and adjust accordingly. Develop a mission statement and align your choices with it, while also identifying your values and using them to make professional choices.
  3. Wavering commitment to your dream of living your true purpose
    In the words of Tim Ferris, “For all of the most important things in life, the timing always sucks.” What does this mean?  It means you cannot afford to wait until all of the lights are green to start. Our comfort zone is exactly that; comfortable. On my journey I have realized that it is during the times that I am far outside my element that I experience the most. Instead of discarding your dreams to remain comfortable, develop a business plan with timelines. Take one step towards each day to fulfill your goals.
  4. Living in the narratives that others/our own egos have created for us
    When you live in someone else’s story, it is because you do not feel worthy enough to live the life you have! Do not try to be everything to everyone! Originality is key. Originality implies that you are bold enough to go beyond the societal accepted “norms”. Paint your own picture and then live in alignment with it while also identifying the parts of your painting that already exist!
  5. The question is, “how much success to have?”
    We wrestle with the definition of success and how much we get to experience in our life. This may mean discovering what financial blocks you have, your own, or generational beliefs about success, money, and entrepreneurship. Become inspired by others! By doing what you love, you are inspiring and awakening the hearts by others as well.  Educating yourself by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, or finding a mentor will help you on your path to success.

These 5 factors are what keep people from obtaining their dreams of becoming a successful holisticpreneuer. Fortunately, you can achieve success by avoiding these things and instead focus on whatever you have to do to reach your goals!