I remember when I was just wrapping up high school and all the students were so excited to be selecting their colleges and universities, planning their majors, hoping to learn more about their field of study and as I watched them, I could not help but feel I was so uninterested in all of it! For me, there were no programs or schools that interested me because they did not offer what I was looking for. I wanted to learn more about myself and why I was here on Earth and what my purpose was. I struggled with this for so long, back and forth, and finally I chose a program that I settled for because the belief system I had was that I needed to go to post-secondary school to be valuable to society because ‘that’s what we are supposed to do’. This decision shaped my life as a young adult in ways I could not expect.

I continued to struggle with my physical health, I was in and out of hospitals and seeing many doctors, feeling a little bit of everything and anything made it hard for the doctors to actually diagnose, all I knew was that I was physically feeling ‘off’, and it was mostly in my heart. I spent most of my young adulthood just trying to get through, the only thing I actually felt joy in doing was being a mom and helping others see their light. Finally, years later I had a huge health issue, that finally landed me a diagnosis, and it brought me to the realization that I was struggling with my health because I am not following my heart and living my purpose. I took a walk and did what I did best, I listened for messages, watched for signs, felt my feelings, and asked for guidance and direction from the universe, and then it happened, it all came together, and I heard it loud and clear “I do not need anyone’s permission to be me”. That was it, I was sold, I made steps to leave my job to start my career and I have never looked back and my health has never been so good.

My passion is to be with my family, raise my children, and help others find the same freedom that I found so they can live their lives on their terms. I am inspired to help you find your unique and authentic business style and help you get started on your holistic business goals because I want to help you find your inner light and shine brighter than you ever expected. 

Today, I am a Soul Coach, Psychic, Medium and CEO of Clarity Academy and Co-Founder of The Psychic Associates and I am here to help you achieve your goals and live authentically. I am so ready, are you?