It started out as naturally as breathing, but the acceptance of my gifts were certainly not as effortless. My journey began as a young girl seeing and feeling spirit, which I am not going to sugar coat, because it scared the living daylight out of me to be honest.

My understanding parents would discuss these things with me, but that was about as far as their wisdom went. My brother passed away when I was 10 and I had so many questions that no one, not even the priest, could answer to my satisfaction.

I did not have a mentor to assist me and help me understand my gift, until my mid 20’s. She was on her own journey, so I was hesitant to abuse my connection in fear of losing her. And to be honest, I had such embedded fears related to my awareness, that it wasn’t until my 30’s that I really started the journey of embracing “me”. You know, the real me, and not the one I made up so I could fit in and not make others uncomfortable around me.  Realistically, I knew I was different and never really connected with any group or team. I sort of hung out on the fringe of those groups I did find interesting and as I look back now, I recognize I was simply an observer.

Years later, and after much experience, I knew I wanted to make it easier for kids who like me, who knew they were different and afraid by their apparent difference to everyone else.  As a result, I founded Psychic Kids United Inc. to offer some insight to kids and their parents. Beyond that I formed a membership to teach others how to fine tune their gifts, and now I am happy to be a founding member of The Psychic Associates to support all of you on your business  journey.

Together we will stand side by side as you embark on your entrepreneur journey and raise the vibration of this planet and beyond.