If you have yet to read the book or watch the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne let me preface this blog by saying, go do that immediately. Especially if you desire a change in your life and or feel restricted by some physical or emotional challenge. It was probably the most important clarity I ever received when it came to awareness of what I was asking in my life. But more importantly how to go about getting it.

If like me, you have felt stuck in a rut, repeating old patterns of negative behavior, or simply had no idea that you could change your life completely, or towards a positive way of thinking and being! All by simply changing your thoughts. You really need to learn the art of manifesting in your life. Allow me to let you in on my top five tips for manifesting your ‘heart’s truest desires”.

What Do You Want? Clarity is Key!

Without clarity of what you really want in life, you will not be able to seize what your hearts desires are. Simply because without direction you will be like the 98% of the world whose lives revolve around their work, home life and family. The other 2% get it and create action plans in their lives, they know what they want, and they set themselves up for success simply just by doing so!  The interesting thing about that 2%, is they are the wealthiest and most content humans.

So, if you want to join the 2% group you are going to need to make a few changes. But here is the cavoite, it’s just not that hard! Dare I say almost like having an easy button in life!

Before you do anything else sit quietly and contemplate what it is you want in your life right now. In can be anything from small or trivial to vast and out of this world. When I teach about manifesting, I always share that in order for the Universe to serve up your true hearts-desire it needs a little forethought from you. Without you steering your destiny you will be taking detour after detour searching for god knows what? Only to discover pain, discomfort and most of all frustration that you are not moving in the direction your want to. So, it is time for you to get really clear on what it is you want.

Make a list, then review the list and get clearer on each of your desires. For example: you might say “I want to make more money”! Here is the challenge with that statement if you leave the manifestation there the Universe will say ok let’s bring many opportunities to them. But you might pass on those opportunities all because they do not appeal to you.

So, this is where you need clarity. I want to find a better job in “insert your desire here”.

I am talking about real clarity something like this: I wish to be promoted to executive director with in the next 3 months and earn $100,000 or more salary with 6 weeks paid vacation.

It is always about the clarity!

Zero Attachments to The Preferred Outcome!

By zero attachments to the preferred outcome, I mean you must first release yourself from any obligation of how this will pan out for you. This is not an easy part of the manifestation process because as humans we naturally default to controlling our desires. We start to visualize how these manifestations will find us. Or even worse sometimes we will quash a desire because we cannot see a way for it to materialize. This is when we literally shut down our dream team of manifestation elves. We fall into the “I am not worthy of this” phase that many of us do when we try to manifest our hearts desire. Now for the record there are not really little elves working in the background creating opportunity for you. However, this is just one of the ways I have visualized this part of the process so that I can stop myself from ruining my manifestation. I imagine the sad, defeated little faces of the manifestation elves every time I short-change myself on one of my heart desires. If I can see the disappointment in their little faces, I can stop myself from wanting to control the outcome and trust that they have my back.

This may not work for you but please do your best to come up with a strategy that does so that you can stop yourself from sabotaging your manifestations before they have a chance to materialize.

Embrace The Setbacks – They Are A Part of The Plan!

This is tough, because we immediately default to “Well, I guess that is not going to work out for me. We can convince ourselves that maybe I was overreaching a little bit too much and or maybe I don’t deserve that yet. These are all ludicrous thoughts. I need you to know that no matter who you are, where you are from, your background, or social status, it does not matter.

You have just as much opportunity in manifesting your heart’s desires as the next guy. However, there can be delays sometimes. Do not ever despair! This does not mean you do not deserve it yet; all this means is that the universe is working out the very best outcome for you and if there is a delay it will always be in your best interest.

Perhaps the set back is a way to bring you something you have desired and forgotten all about. This reminds me of my vacation to Nova Scotia. I ended up in hospital partially paralyzed after catching COVID. It took me about two days to get a grip on myself but once I did, I realized this might be one of my manifestations.

You see I had been asking Doctor’s here in Ontario for over 20 years for a Lyme’s test only to be told no repeatedly because it won’t work, or they are too expensive I even offered to pay for it. My health had been getting worse by the day and then I find myself in a bed not able to move my legs and at the mercy of new doctors while on vacation in Nova Scotia.

I told them that I had been asking doctors to test me for Lyme’s for over 20 years in Ontario, and they didn’t hesitate. They gave me the test, along with about 10 other different things they thought it could be one by one each of those others were ruled out and while we waited on the Lyme’s test, they came to the conclusion after everything else had been ruled out, I was suffering from chronic Lyme’s disease.

They started me on a medication and within 24 hours, I started to regain use of my limbs and other parts of my body. You see, the Universe plotted for me to catch COVID to cause this partial paralyzing and to have me hospitalized in another province where they have done extensive study in Lyme’s disease.

This way I would get the medicine I truly needed to start healing. It was all part of the plan! Think back on events in your life that felt like the rug was being pulled out from under your feet, only to end up serving your greater good! An example may have been a job loss that ended up being the best thing that could have happened to you!

Pay Attention to Your Inner Dialogue!

We can shut stuff down pretty quickly with our inner dialogue. If you start out by saying; “I have trying manifesting and it never works for me”, well in a nutshell, you are right! Remember it is the belief in something that makes it real.

Going back to my experience in the hospital in Nova Scotia, I defaulted to the woe is me or aka “victim energy” when I first lost the use of my legs and one arm. In fact, I cried for two days until I finally got fed up with myself and realized the only control, I actually had in that moment was my reaction to it. Until I figured that out, I was living in fear which we all know is “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

So, I had no choice but to start cleaning up my thoughts of victim energy and inject dialogue towards what I could control on a day-to-day basis. The key was getting clear and concise on what to do next, what questions to ask next. It is imperative that you maintain your belief in the thing you desire and then you must maintain your thoughts on that desire. You see, the very thing I desired was to get to the root of my health concerns. And when it showed up like this, I was taken back by it. Of course, who wouldn’t be, but because of my mindfulness and inner dialogue practicing. I came to that awareness I needed too fairly quickly in the journey. You will too with some practice.

An Attitude of Gratitude!

Your attitude towards gratitude is going to either set you up for success or failure on this journey of manifesting your hearts desires. Showing gratitude for the things you already have is the quickest way to see how far you have to go to tackle this one. Having gratitude for the small things in life is going to inspire you to be more grateful for the simple and dare I say the right things in life.

Sure, we all desire materialistic things and financial freedom however if you live in home with running water. You are already a wealthier person than most other humans on the planet. According to The World Health Organization, 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water. You need to see how good you have it so that you can prioritize your manifestations and accept your worthiness.

Seeing gratitude in the simple things allows you to quickly find that space or energetic vibration of gratitude. I must warn you though. Once you master gratitude, it is going to be really hard to be around those who have not mastered this awareness. For them, you must practice patience and share your wisdom in hopes that they too find their way to manifesting their hearts desires too. Changing the way, you see the world is your way of making impacting changes to it.

Remember to stay shiny out there!