Ever wonder what different types of Psychics services are available out there? There is much to discuss when it comes to this subject.  One of the biggest questions most Psychics get asked is what different types of Psychic services they offer,  On the surface, it may seem like a normal enough question to ask, but in reality, there are so many different types of Psychic Services available these days, I could probably go on for a while.

When I first started my journey as a full time Psychic, I was a little baffled as to what people wanted to know.  After all, I thought to myself, doesn’t everyone know what a Psychic does? We see the past present and future… I mean what else is there to know?  Now that I’ve worked in this industry for some time, I can now say, quite a bit!

Let’s take a look at the obvious ones first, shall we?

The use of divination tools, commonly known to most is Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and Angel cards.  These types of cards easily get associated as tools for psychics. Just like the hammer does to a carpenter. But not all psychics use cards to help them access information for their sitter. The bottom line is although these tools help interpret and identify information for their client, it is the psychic that brings the cards to life. They do this by seeing and feeling insight with each card.  The “layout or spread”, colours, images, etc., all offer insight in conjunction with the other cards around them and can affect the predictions. Not all psychics read cards

Crystal balls are another fan favourite that often gets associated with psychics. We cannot help but imagine the gypsy woman with the crystal ball in front of her, as she gazes deeply into the abyss of the crystal. The proper term for this is “scrying”! The art of seeing images or visions in the ball. You may also be aware of “reading tea leaves“. This is also considered scrying! The point is the psychic utilizes the images conjured from these divination tools to support her reading of the client. Not all psychics read crystal balls and tea leaves.

Most of you will understand what I mean when I say “Palmistry”. If you guessed palm reading, then “yes”, you are right! This art form of reading requires the psychic to review and then study one’s palms. Most palmists choose the right hand to read. They look for things like the shape, lines, colouring of the palm, and the length of the fingers. The information derived from these very things determines a person’s character and future. Not all psychics read palms!

Aura energy reading is one of my personal favourites. This is the ability to see a person’s Auric energy and can predict illness or discomfort a person is having in their body and usually, they can heal or ease the suffering of those ailments through their healing energy. They are also able to determine a person’s character and their ability to handle life’s up and down challenges. Not all psychics can read Auras!

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? There are a lot of people who suffer from phobias or they feel very drawn to a particular career path or hobby. It is likely that a “Past Life Regressionist” through hypnotherapy, would be able to make this link back to one of your past lives. This is especially useful for those suffering from family trauma, as the cellular memory stored in your soul from previous lifetimes may be causing chaos in this lifetime. Not all psychics use hypnotherapy!

Numerology is the next one that most are familiar with! This is known as the study of numbers! Numerologist is the term given to those who study in this area. They believe that everything can be broken down into numbers. They can predict your past, present and future based on your numbers. The information they derive comes from your personal information such as your birth date, your name at birth, your married name, the time you were born, and much more. It is truly remarkable information one can glean from one’s personal information and its effects on their life’s path all from a simple calculation of numbers that your unique personal information produces. Not all psychics read numbers!

Runes are another one of the divination tools used to predict outcomes for those seeking information about their path. They are typically purchased in a bag with 24 stones each depicting characters from the runic alphabet of Germanic-speaking peoples in the Elder Futhark script and the Younger Futhark script which illuminated the Viking age. They have been in existence since c. 160 CE in Scandinavia. Each stone offers wisdom to the psychic for their sitter. Not all psychics read rune stones!

One of my personal favourites to play with is the “i-Ching” coins. This divination tool consists of either 3 or 6 coins. The coins have a head (YIN) and a tale (YANG) and are made of brass, with Chinese Feng Shui symbols on the front and back. They will also have a square hole in the center of the coin like ancient Chinese currency had so they could be carried on a leather strap. They work by throwing the coins and how they land, and the order of closest to the line would determine first in the line of the hexagram, creating a particular pattern. Here is where a pattern is formed and find the matching pattern to the correct hexagram to reveal your prediction. Not all psychics read i-Ching coins.

How many of you have read your horoscopes at some point in the past? That brings me to my next service often associated with psychics, “Astrology”! Astrologists focus on the placement of the planets based on the date, time and location in the world you were born! This information helps them predict your past challenges and support your present and future life decisions based on these criteria. Not all psychics are astrologists! If you love a good horoscope check out my weekly horoscopes.

As you can see, a psychic can connect with many different modalities, especially when it comes to supporting their abilities to read a person’s past, present, and future. Believe it or not, most use none of the above! They rely solely on their spirit team to guide them into awareness as they support countless lives by finding the answers, the truth, balance, and joys life has to offer others in this lifetime.

Remember: Stay shiny peeps!