Heads up, just a little reminder about the Mercury Retrograde. It may not be top of the list at the beginning of the month but it sure will be by the end of April. For those of you just learning about this I want to bring you up to speed on what to expect. If you “Google” it, you will read: Mercury is in retrograde when it appears to go backward in its orbit. This optical illusion occurs multiple times a year because it takes just 88 days for Mercury to circle the sun, compared to Earth’s 365 days. But is that really enough to explain to someone what it really means when this planet goes retrograde?

For those of us in the know, we cringe a little when we hear that Mercury is about to go retrograde, and in a race against the clock most of us race to back up all our computer files and ensure that all the updates are done on our phones or any other electronics so that we don’t get caught out by mercury’s amazing negative effect on any type of communication equipment. The planet Mercury represents communication. We can also start to experience the disconnect when it comes to verbal or written communication. It can sometimes feel like we are speaking a foreign language or even worse others are not making any sense to us.

To say this can be a frustrating time would be an understatement. This Mercury Retrograde starts on April 21st and is due to finish on May 14th. This time she is appearing in the Earth sign of Taurus. Why does that even matter? Well, Taurus represents some specific positive and negative traits. For example, Taurus energy is very materialistic, they also tend to take a natural approach in life and are known to be financially responsible, hold strong values, and like to be in the power seat where all are concerned. They are quietly outgoing, known to be passively enthusiastic, and are known to be ambitious, and typically very successful in all of their endeavors. They are smart, in fact, they tend to be the ones everyone is drawn to because they typically have a calm level-headed demeanor (most of the time).

Expect to take a good long look at your finances and business goals during this period. Take inventory of your habits and discover where you need improvement whether it is in focusing better on the upcoming summer spending spree or possibly adjusting plans to suit Taurus’s frugal future plans. Either way, taking time to review this before the retrograde can only support a peaceful month and quite possibly offer us all room for improvement in our lifestyles. However, there is some really good news during this time. Mercury forms some potent aspects with Saturn in Pisces, and this combination of energies offers us a mental clarity not felt for some time. So, you can expect to feel more focused and determined as Saturn is the planet of commitments. She also favors routine and in general good ole fashioned hard work. All of which will happen to be more effortless during the period when Mercury shifts Direct in mid-May.

By which point we will once again feel a good sense of judgment when it comes to making decisions again. Expect relationships of all kinds, Partnerships, friends, family, and colleagues to go through the verbal Olympics this month. Now I should point out that this is not all gloom and doom. Most of us will experience frustration for sure but the beauty of the Mercury retrograde is that it allows us to hit the reset button in all areas of our life. Which is always a blessing, but like most you likely won’t see that in the beginning. It will feel like the universe is out to get you at first. Just remember that anything that appears this month is absolutely in your best interest.

Take each situation in stride as it appears before you. The great thing about this event is that even though you may have to go back to the drawing board in some areas of your life, you will soon discover gratitude because ultimately it was exactly what you needed to do anyway. This combination of excitable energy can giveth and taketh away on a whim so be sure to keep a record of all that you are working on. Also ask for everything you are tasked to do, to be put into writing so you have a backup in case things go south quickly. It’s worth adding that the next Mercury retrograde isn’t due to happen until Aug 23rd to Sept 15th so mark your calendars. This will be in the sign of Virgo. Which is basically textbook Mercury retrograde energy because Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet. Expect this one to be all about information and communication.

Back to the upcoming retrograde this month you can expect the unexpected in terms of heated discussions. Bulls are prone to anger easily and once enraged can be very scary to those of us who may be a little sensitive to this type of aggressive energy. But with that being the worst of the worst to expect the flip side is that Taurus are usually fair and have strong desire for social and corporate stability so you will see major events happening within big corporations and mom and pop shops alike. More equality in the workforce can be expected and social changes as the result of possible uprisings during this time. Those who are to materialistic or stubborn when things don’t go their way will be exposed for this and therefore ensure a positive change.

So, how do you survive and thrive the next few weeks? By accepting your path and embracing the lessons offered to you. Search long enough and you will find the power in making the best out of a bad situation. Absolutely, do not shy away from others during this time. It is the perfect time to revisit your fixed beliefs and allow others who can offer their opinion on the topics you find stimulating. Expect to find more clarity to help you with a go forward action plan for the future. Backup all your important documents, and devices. Also take care of maintenance of your transportation whether it is your shoes, bike or car, now is the time to ensure all are in good repair. Delays are inevitable at this time, which will trigger frustration and can often feel confusing adding to your “WHY ME” victim energy.

Remember, acceptance is key now more than ever. And wherever you can, seek out calm and peace and by doing so you will be making the intention to heal yourself rather than wallow in self-pity. Once you have dealt with any unruly situations that arise, release and let go. Spend this month in contemplation to allow you to arrive at the next phase of your destiny.  But above all else, it is time to then focus on what brings you joy.

Remember it is up to you to stay shiny my friends!