It feels like the appropriate moment to share and possibly suggest something a little unexpected about your ability to unite with a higher realm of consciousness using prayer for intuition. Considering all the choices for vaccines and supplements to stay healthy, if you were confident that your intuition was true, and that the Divine was directing your moves, you might just be led towards a better path of wellness.

Spiritual Life Coach & Author Michelle Mullady believes as I do, that we can open ourselves to our psychic/intuitive knowing through prayer. She shares her story; love and transformation at her website, and in workshops. The following, ‘Prayer for Enhancing Your Intuition’ is found on her blog and is an excellent example for those uncertain as to how you would begin using prayer in this fashion.

“Beloved Angels and Divine Creator,

I open my heart to you and ask that you support me to fully and freely experience your presence in my life. Please lighten my path and direct my steps. Please guide me to clearly hear, feel, and understand my intuition. I am aware that you communicate to me through this channel, and I wholeheartedly desire to strengthen this connection to the wisdom of my true Self. Thank you for helping me to rise above any fear or lack of confidence that I may have that prevents me from recognizing my inner voice. Help me to feel safe and empowered as I learn to decipher the ways my intuition tries to speak to me so that I am able to honor red flags and avoid people and situations that do not serve my best interest. I know that this silent super power is a blessing that is always available to me. My finest work, most excellent moments, and profound bliss will occur when I’m grounded and centered, listening to and faithfully trusting myself, allowing my heart and soul to guide me. My highest good happens when I allow myself to fully, completely, and in love, be led by my intuition. I am ready to access this gift, angels, and to use it to create a happier and more balanced life. And so it is … Amen!”

As you can see this prayer is not pleading, but affirming; and may be considered inclusive for a myriad of beliefs systems. Though my feeling has always been that we should look at a prayer as being similar to singing a song- It should be made our own.

Throughout the years it has become quite apparent that as individuals no matter our upbringing we each have our own inner language which we adhere to. Using our own language can only enhance our prayer experience along with our expected outcome of a deeper connection to the Divine with heightened intuition.

Altered states of consciousness often take place while in prayer. Many people express feelings of peace and love, on occasion the word elation is used. Answers to unsolved problems seem to all of a sudden come forth and a deep knowing that we are not alone is often the most valuable. Understanding that any time we commune with the Divine we open ourselves up to receiving higher wisdom and healing should be a given. However it is not something that we speak about all that readily. We mere mortals are really not so meager. We are created in the likeness and image of the Divine. We are made up of the same stuff as all those we find to be greater than ourselves with special abilities, and yet we have equal gifts of creation, intuition and the propensity to reach higher if we desire it.

Ask for your intuitive doorway while in prayer and see where it leads.