Every year, I am asked by a local TV station to produce my list of predictions for the year ahead. The show usually airs in the first week of December and I often get a lot of positive feedback from it, so this year I decided to blog about it. Mostly so I can share it with a wider audience.

As a Psychic, it is one of the most vulnerable things one can do, to make your predictions public. But what I have come to learn over the years is that by keeping small and to myself, I do not serve anyone but myself. I will often research the insight I get. Mostly because sometimes it is far-fetched even for me to accept. I am always blown away by the evidence I discover along the way. There is also no rhyme or reason to what I home in on, it varies every year.

  • I keep seeing Kanye West or Ye as he is now known with a gun. I feel there is an unfortunate situation about to unfold there.
  • I am also concerned about Cher and Dolly Parton’s health.
  • There will be significant loss of life in older female musicians I see the number 3
World Climate
  • We will discover cellphones are one of the major links to the world heating up so rapidly. Those in power already know this but “minimize” it because the emissions are so low per phone, only 2 watts of radiation per phone. However, after researching this a little deeper, I have discovered that 90% of the world’s population now carries a cell phone. That is a significant amount of radiation omitted worldwide when you do the calculations. I also discovered that phones emit radiation even when they are turned off because they are always communicating with cell towers. The number I calculated is 15 billion watts of radiation daily. I came to this number after I googled how many people are in the world divided by 90%. If there are 7.837 Billion people in the world, 90% is still over 7 billion, then x 2 watts. The good news on this is that new technology will be implemented to thwart the radiation by the end of 2023 to help with this issue.
  • Canada’s northern ice shield becomes less frozen leaving us vulnerable in the north this will encourage a call to look at newer weapons and a new air base to protect our North.
  • Ice shield in the north and south pole continues to melt but a significant break in the arctic will have the world watching near Russia.
  • Large oil spill near the Arctic.
  • Volcanoes in Japan and Italy create chaos in those parts of the world.
  • Devastating storms in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Jamaica affected.
  • Mudslide in Venezuela near Caracas causing widespread mayhem.
  • Environmental tragedy feels like a chemical spill or leak around Manitoba toward Hudson’s Bay.
US Politics
  • USA – still don’t feel good about Biden finishing his term in office.
  • Trump will be charged and will see bars for things we are yet to even know about. He won’t be accepted as the GOP Candidate.
  • Kari Lake, the GOP running who just lost the Arizona race who had a white substance delivered via an envelope to her headquarters, will be found responsible for sending it to herself/staff to deflect her crude remarks about the attack on The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.
  • In all, people will be tired of people being rude to others and this will no longer be tolerable in politics for 2023.  Trump will take things to an all-time low.
Canadian Politics
  • New light shed on past “Conservative government” roles in indigenous affairs concerning loss or missing women. They knew more and did less. This will create quite a stir and will encourage an early election in 2024.  We will learn of some people high up shutting things down knowing affecting the rights of the indigenous peoples.
  • Next federal election is called early by the end of 2023 to be held in 2024 in the same year Trudeau will leave his party as leader due to a minor scandal.
  • The Conservative leader Poilievre, gets a lot of unwanted attention near the end of the year, making him an unpopular choice due to his actions and past behaviors.
  • Both major parties will have new leadership.
Russian Conflict with Ukraine
  • Both sides gain and then lose ground, the winter is going to really hit the Ukrainians harder than expected. It will look as if all is lost for the Ukrainians, but they bounce back and as a result, Russians will take a heavy beating. This is a long war that will not end for years to come. But India and or Pakistan step in to support peace talks and become the heroes needed to calm the friction there.
  • Russia’s economy hits an all-time low around June!
  • Putin is at risk of being ousted in June and will suffer illness (possibly Covid or poisoning), but the world will think he is dead. He will reappear almost a month later.
Worldly Issues
  • North Korea continues posturing throughout 2023, China securely in bed with them and also Iran. It will become very apparent in 2023 where the line in the sand is drawn.
  • China faces world shunning as a result of their behavior towards North America. China to target USA and Canada to create trade chaos
  • UK to be hit with a hard-faced recession, one that affects children the most. There will be wide-spread poverty. This comes on the heels of a “2 or 3 days” power outage like the one experienced in North America in Aug of 2003. And like that power outage, the UK will experience it in August.
  • There will be a high level of shortages in food and household supplies. So, start stocking up on supplies and food in Jan & Feb. This is really a worldwide thing
  • This winter will be the worst for the children worldwide. Between Covid and RSV, I am gravely concerned for children of all ages. Covid returns with a vengeance in March around the full moon which is the 7th or 8th.  We will see numbers that 1 in 5 will be catching it, overwhelming the whole world again. However, there will not be any shutdowns and we will have to learn to live with it, like we do with the flu. Those who smoke will be the most affected as the new strain targets the lungs once again. So, quit now is my advice for those who smoke. The year 2023 will be the first with the least amount of people world-wide smoke cigarettes.
The Cure is Found
  • UV light will be the universal cure. Everywhere we go, will have HEPA filtration systems with UV lights.  But this will not be mandated. Those that don’t get on board will be shunned. I don’t see this fully operational in 2023 because humans are so slow to react. We are like a bunch of ostriches with our heads in the sand, hoping it will pass.

On a positive note, 2023 will usher in a revolutionary energy, intolerant of negative behavior as people have grown tired of this and we will also see this create a significant change in the way we do business. Expect an evolution in big industry!

If you have felt any of these changes coming please drop me a line. I am always curious how many others are getting these downloads.

Above all else, remember to stay shiny my friends!

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