“I am not worried. I love you,” he said cheerfully. “Claire, I love you.” That second very direct declaration of love left her with foreboding and an absolute knowing without a doubt that something was not right.

She couldn’t identify the specifics but wanted to call him back and say, “Dad, maybe you should put off your surgery.” But she felt that if it was said he would definitely cancel the procedure.

She pondered what if the next day he went about his ordinary activities and had an embolism? Would it be better or worse than this knowing that something awful was about to happen and have no control over it?

There was no correct answer.

The next morning he went forward as planned and had his scheduled procedure; things went awry from there. One surgery became three surgeries in less than 24 hours, prognosis bleak . . . a day and a half later, he was gone.

The characters and the precise medical situation have been slightly altered for anonymity, though this sad fable is true.

Intuition and psychic ability may put you in a position of how do you know but not tell anyone what you know. So much of our perceptions, precognition or clairsentience benefits us by giving us an opportunity to change an outcome of a situation or at times prevent something from developing. Though, there are many moments when “the knowing” is not for anyone else other than the person divining the information. It is in those moments that the universe at large is preparing you for an inevitable result that will prevail.

What of when blurting out something awful to a good friend, a coworker or neighbor about an occasion or event they are happy about such as a marriage or a pregnancy?

Quite a few years back I blurted out something awful [way before I knew it was possible to have control over such things]. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I was horrified. My friend was shocked and dismayed to hear such words of negativity from me. Decades later she, confessed that my outburst really helped her, because she was then prepared to deal with her miscarriage to come.

The whole consciousness of hearing, feeling, knowing, and perceiving being elevated is not an exact science. This does not mean that if you know something that you could not conceivably know that you must share it. It simply means that you are the master/mistress of your own destiny and you can make the tough decisions. You get to use your wisdom and conscience.

Examining all of the many gifts we are given, we begin to understand that once we recognize that we have a gift we are then charged with the unraveling task of understanding it and using it [wisely]. The obviously needed companion manual to the gift does not seem to be available. It is left to the individual to make the tough decisions, as well be able to handle the fall out when things do not go smoothly.

Those whom have a strong sense of these elevated gifts are living their life’s path even if it appears arduous at times and even if it is overwhelming at times.

No matter if you are a Sensitive or a Clairvoyant or have another psy-gift, you will occasionally need to let go of expectations. You will find that quite often you need to have faith that all is and will be well contrary to what life is showing you in the moment.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” Be gentle with you.