I was born in Northern Ontario and was lucky to have been raised by a mother who was tremendously gifted.  My mother ran her psychic and tea leaf reading practice between 1961 and retired in 1983, the year my father passed.  Being a family of four children, it was not uncommon for us to be having family chats about spirits and the paranormal around the dinner table.  Afterall, our way of life had been immersed in being open to the unknown.  

At the age of 4, I suffered a Near Death Experience which changed my life and as I grew older, it was obvious to others that I was gifted and could no longer hide my abilities.  My mother always told me that I had been sent back here because my purpose had not been fulfilled and that I was meant to help others through my gifts, something I could not accept for many years.  

I was afraid of being teased and taunted like my mother was, so I strived to do the best I could in my professional career in professional standards and victim services, but didn’t feel the passion in what it was that I was doing.  I knew I could help people on a much different level, but of course, my gifts weren’t included in my job description and of course, some people weren’t open to it.  I kept existing at my job because I didn’t think I could do my business on my own, come out of my spiritual closet and be who I was supposed to be.  God forbid – what would people think?

However, that all changed the day my mother died.  It’s the day that I decided to follow my heart and I quit my job.  She told me “You come here with nothing, you leave with the same, so make sure to fill your heart with love, because it’s the only thing that you can take back with you”.  I realized all along that this was the “permission” I needed to be who I really was!  Once I did, I never looked back.

I immediately sought out mentors and made many inquiries as to how to start and manage my mediumship business. This really led me nowhere, so I had to learn it by doing it on my own. I made mistakes, but never repeated them, and now I can say with confidence that they were the stepping stones to my success.  

Today, I’m a Spirit Specialist, expanding awareness and consciousness in life and death.  I’m also a writer, vlogger, inspirational speaker, mentor/coach, produce my own shows, and am one of the Founding Members of The Psychic Associates. 

My colleagues and I all had a passion and desire to help others to start their business in a safe and ethical way.  We formed “The Psychic Associates” with a mission in mind!  To provide you an education platform and business tips and advice to help you gain the insight you need to kickstart your business with integrity and standards within the spiritual industry.  We’re excited and ready to help guide you through the most amazing journey of your life.  Mission possible?  Absolutely!