Listening to that inner knowing is invaluable to me. Most recently this past weekend; while readying for my radio show, that little voice said, “Work Remote Today!” For a moment it seemed absurd. After all, everything was fine (in the moment). Though heeding that voice paid off. Working remotely enabled me to be in closer proximity to a family member who needed immediate attention after the show was complete.

With so much ambiguity happening now, you know … wear a mask, don’t, send your loved one out to the workplace, or negotiate distance working, to sanitize or not, & so forth. Perhaps now is the appropriate time to sharpen your own innate skills. Wouldn’t it be great if you confidently listened to that little voice & it created more peace in your life?

This being said, I thought it might be prudent to share some of my apprenticeship content for those of you who have an interest & would like to see if your skills will serve you.

To gently encourage the commencement of your wonderful expedition of self-awareness, discovery and psychic mastery, you shall begin with a lesson that may seem pointless. However working with this lesson alone can open your door to recognizing your perceptions.

The purpose of this exercise is to broaden your expectations of yourself, strengthen your perceptions & become aware of a shift within your consciousness.

You probably will surprise yourself with the outcome (most people do).

Time: Please allow at least “one hour” at one sitting to complete the practice – If possible repeat 7X within a week.

If you feel you need additional pencil & eraser, good light, an object such as a shoe or a bag, something that has definite shape & can be turned upside down. Yes you read that correctly – Upside down & a quiet place not to be disturbed.

Gather all supplies together. This is no different than cooking, in the sense that it will not do you any good to have things scattered all over. You will be developing the right hemisphere of your brain which is noted for creativity & connecting to the abstract. Discipline should be adopted for your psychic work. Keeping things in an orderly fashion will instill conditioning that your mind and body are prepared to react to.

Place your “object” upside down a short distance away from you in clear site. You are to draw this object … “Not by what it is” but by each line and curve. The objective is to draw shape, line & curve. This gives the analytical part of your brain a turnoff valve.

Before beginning, take a moment to notice your frame of mind, how do you feel? How does your environment feel? These two things are important. For as you continue to concentrate on your work, at some juncture you will feel a change. Just allow it.

Once you begin this process & you are forthright in your commitment to only see this object as having shapes, lines, curves and colors; your conscious censorship within your mind will simply allow you to proceed (left hemisphere turnoff). There will be a moment of aha! This is a feeling that you’ve shifted into something else (though initially it may be ever so subtle).

It may take you a few minutes to convince yourself that you “are not” drawing something familiar that you know the name of. Just know you can! Most people are really astounded as to the perfection they achieve by just focusing their attention on the abstract.

When finished, notice any changes you can express. Date for future reference. Then turn your drawing right side up. Make any notations you feel appropriate & write down any questions that arise.