Is this normal?  Has this happened to you?  Let’s be honest, as lightworkers, we have all faced certain fears which leaves us questioning what we’re doing working in this industry.  Having heard these questions from other lightworkers, I think back to the beginning of my career as a Psychic/Medium, and the fears and concerns that I had about the things I didn’t fully yet understand, and those could be daunting, overwhelming at best. What I came to understand over the years is they were to be par for the course in this industry. Most of these questions seem silly now, but at the time they were absolutely the opposite of silly. So, let’s dive into some of those queries now, to hopefully unburden some of your concerns:

I want to quit!!

Raise your hand if you have ever just wanted to quit or pack it in, in this line of work. Here is the thing about being everything for everyone, we lose sight of ourselves, the very opposite message you put out to others in our line of work. So, if you feel this sudden urge to quit, it is highly likely that you have fallen down a rabbit hole of putting yourself last and you are way overdue for a restart, but more importantly a break, to re-evaluate how to put yourself first again.

I don’t feel like I belong!

This lifestyle can be very alienating and overwhelming, and can also make us second guess ourselves and our own inner wisdom. The resulting outcome is lack of self-confidence, because we feel like we belong on a different island away from everyone else. We tend to feel this the most in our youth. This is very confusing to us when we see our peers falling easily into the multitude of groups that are before us and we just end up feeling like the odd man out. The point I am trying to get at here, is that this is normal for us as lightworkers, and trust me you will eventually meet your group as you begin to grow and meet others like you.

Did I upset my Spirit Team?

We have all experienced the first “NO” from a client, the one word we do not want to hear! We immediately take that “no” as a sign that we are broken. I am here to tell you there is not a psychic/medium on the planet that has not heard this feedback at some point in their career.

But there is also not a psychic/medium who has not reached deeper into their awareness to unlock the answers, to help their clients fully understand the message spirit is trying to convey. I used to think spirit was upset with me, or that they no longer thought I was worthy of doing this. It could not have been further from the truth. Spirit simply wanted me to unlock new ways of connecting or wanted me to challenge myself and unlock my potential. Trust is key when you get the no delve deeper with your spirit team. You will be glad you did!

When will I become all knowing?

We, as Lightworkers, tend to think there will come a point where we have figured it all out and life will become this blissful Nirvana. We repeatedly question; “Am I ever going to finally know it all?” or “When will I be All Knowing?” When we start out in this industry, we all strive to gain the wisdom and level of awareness that we assume others have, whom we look up too! After all, if we could just get to where they are, those who we deem successful, we could finally relax, business would be booming, and life would be so much easier! The reality of gaining wisdom and inner knowing is a lifelong pursuit. I can promise you my friends, the journey is a magical and highly addictive one. Once you embark on this journey of spiritual awareness there is no end to which you can achieve!