We have all heard about that little voice that lives inside of our head that seems to be a separate entity, speaking up when unasked.

Though how is someone to differentiate between self-doubt mounting, just being a naysayer that particular day, old paradigms, actual truth, what Mama used to say, or if we are being unnecessarily alarmed? How are we to know if we are receiving important guidance sent from a higher realm?

According to Success Consciousness, we have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Other experts estimate a smaller number, of 50,000 thoughts per day [in the 1990’s the number was said to be much less]. Whether we have 50,000 or 80,000 thoughts, that is a lot of information cycling through our minds all day, every day – and then there is that little voice to contend with.

In general, human beings are inclined to be suspicious of things that are intangible or unseen. Our vision is limited to seeing about one percent of the visible light spectrum that exists. This is because we have natural lenses that filter out more than realized.

There is an exception – people with a condition, known as Aphakia, possess ultraviolet vision.

The point of sharing this is that we do not see or know of the better part of 99 percent of our world. This has bearing on our consciousness, considering the majority of our existence is literally unseen. Yet many people still hold to the maxim, “I have to see it to believe it.”

So, how are we to know what is driving that little voice? Let’s consider that our ego causes us to vacillate, pay attention to the need for security or have fluctuations in our own self beliefs; that voice is very loud. We could look at psychological tendencies and reasons, though for this writing the focus is solely about mind/spirit connection.

Our egos are often very much tied in to who our influencers were in our youth, information that was digested, doubt, opinion of self, and so on.

Conversely, intuition is all about steadiness, creativity, kindness, being positive, abstract ideas and being confident. Intuitive messages, be they a little voice resulting from our higher consciousness or from angels whispering in our ears, may be conveyed with lack of reason [usually this is the case], though the knowing along with any emotional state that arises are quite soft, yet persistent.

That little voice from our intuition is simply prompted from the all-knowing universe wanting to communicate with us when something is important enough to be heard. At other times it is purely to nudge us towards looking inward more frequently to reveal a better connection between ourselves and the universe. By the way, if there is judgment attached to that little voice, then it is surely the ego speaking out.

Begin to recognize if that little voice is there supporting or if it is there undermining. If the feelings that come up alongside the little voice are curious, excited, different, abstract in nature, sweet, funny or surprising then it is most likely your intuition is speaking.

In life we have so many areas of expertise to master. We always have the power to choose what we will give our consideration to. When it comes to gaining better access to our intuition, it is beyond worthy of our attention. I can say that by listening to my little voice my life has been saved a couple of times; others have told me that their life had been saved because of what came forth in a session together.

According to Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. Perhaps we should follow his lead.