Indigo souls are unique beings who strive to shake up and change the way of humanity, through progress. When we consider society, a leader may be described as someone who possesses great strength, courage, and passion for their life experiences. Being in a leadership position may have it’s challenges, but for the Indigo archetype, no task is impossible! As we delve into the 5 traits that make Indigos natural leaders, you will learn how the instinctive gifts Indigos possess, along with their behaviours and attitudes, make them effective and powerful leaders!

Self Motivated

As an Indigo, you dream big and reach for the sky! When you have a relative level of self motivation, becoming a strong and respected leader should be no struggle for you. Indigos always have goals they want to achieve which motivates them at all times. Indigos have so many goals in fact, that they cannot stay put for long, they need to see them all through. Having a natural drive to succeed, Indigos will push themselves in order to accomplish their goals in no time, which aligns with a successful leader, as they usually have an abundance of self motivation. For Indigos, not even the sky is a limit!


You’ll find that Indigos are remarkably creative beings, who use the fact that they are nonconformists, to portray themselves through creative expression. In most situations, solutions to challenges are not usually black and white. Often, it takes a leader who is able to “think outside the box”, to come up with a solution. In other words, an Indigo fits into a leadership role perfectly with their inventive, and intuitive abilities that allows them to develop excellent creations.


Deep within their souls, Indigos feel a driving force to create a positive change in our world. I like to believe that Indigos are destined to be a paradigm changer a.k.a. Disrupter! As an Empath who is sensitive to energy, I have experienced challenges and triumphs when surrounding myself with the powerful Indigo who insists on shaking up the norm of society. Having a husband and child who identify as Indigos, I have developed strategies to protect my energy from their intensity and have grounded my energy to join them on their journey to a higher purpose. Due to their everlasting drive to initiate change, an Indigo will be a leader that does not disappoint those with the same desire for change!


Although strong-willed and fierce, Indigos also feel a great deal of empathy. As a natural leader, having empathy allows the Indigo to develop and build relationships with those who they are leading and collaborating with. What makes a better leader than one who creates an environment for all archetypes? You’ll want an Indigo in your corner!

Lacks Respect for Authority

Think about that one person in your life who always has an opinion on everything and needs to constantly question authority. Chances are, the person who popped into your head is an Indigo! Indigos only adhere to what is meaningful and impactful. You may even catch an Indigo breaking a rule simply because it is considered a “rule”. Indigos don’t conform to the authority, they ARE the authority. With their head strong personality, Indigos approach their projects confidently; providing success as a leader.

An effective leader requires constant focus, power, and care. All traits that Indigos are profoundly known for. Ultimately, these 5 traits of the average Indigo will drive the respect and trust of their peers, naturally filling their role as a leader!

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