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The Beginner’s Course is about the journey of uncovering who you truly are and trusting yourself in your unique heart-centred business. Learn how to build your confidence to establish your unique style with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

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The Intermediate Course digs into the growth mindset to enable you to manifest an abundant heart-centred business and meaningful connections with clients and colleagues. Learn to align with the mindset of an entrepreneur and be decisive and accept responsibility for your business outcomes. Embody the lifestyle to manifest success and abundance.

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The Advanced Course will have you examine how to elevate your business for massive exposure and visibility with live events, media, and more while living in alignment with your mission and values. Learn to manage events at all levels and monetize your work utilizing various platforms for earning potential. Get tips and insight on how to stay grounded and manage your ego while getting noticed.

The Psychic Associate Master Mentor Series Course with Jackie Dennison image

Mastor Mentor Series: The Psychic Jigsaw – Putting in the Building Blocks with  Jackie Dennison, The Rescue Medium, International Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Artist, Tutor & Past Life Regression Therapist. Jackie shares her experience and tips on becoming a psychic medium over her long and storied career.

The Psychic Associate Master Mentor Series Course with Lori Brant image

The Master Mentor Series: Building a Profitable Coaching Business with Lori Brant, ACC Certified Life Coach, Author, Master Spirit Life Coach, Speaker, Master of Metaphysics, Life Coach Trainer, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, and Mentor. Lori dives deep into what you need to optimize your business to be visible and the obvious choice for your clients.

The Psychic Associate Master Mentor Series Course with Rebecca Llewellyn image

The Master Mentor Series: Ego vs Intuition with Rebecca Llewellyn, Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Channel, Reiki Master. Rebecca invites you to discuss the importance of understanding the true difference between Ego and Intuition. The truth is, when we have fallen out of our own personal daily practice, we become more separated and this affects how we show up as a practitioner for our clients.

The Psychic Associate Master Mentor Series Course with Jackie Dennison image

Mastor Mentor Series: How to Prepare for a Card Reading with  Jackie Dennison. In this master mentor course, internationally renowned and much-loved member of the popular TV show “Rescue Mediums” shares her wisdom on how to deliver a card reading, sharing her processes from creating an environment to learning how to read each card.

The Psychic Associates Master Mentor Series: Uplevel your Business with Ease and Less Hustle by Maria Brigantino
Master Mentor Series: Uplevel Your Business with Ease and Less Hustle. Strengthen Your Connection Between Healer and Holistic-preneur

If you’re ready to TRANSFORM your business, scale your revenue to six figures, uplevel your CEO mindset, this Master Mentor course is for you.