Now that spring has arrived, April is a great time to cleanse your soul. As the earth begins to regenerate and all the plants wake up from their winter sleep and start to poke their little heads towards the sun it reminds me to do the same for my own soul.

The winter slumber was especially hard this year because of many factors, but each chink in our armour that has been affected really stands out as the sun begins to appear longer each day as we inch toward the dog days of summer. The exposure to the battle wounds this long winter may have presented to each of us may be feeling a little overwhelming to say the least. So, we must take responsibility to shine up our battered armour as we loosen the need for them in the first place.

Here are 9 things to do to cleanse your soul!

#1 Taking Stock of Your Life!
Start by taking stock of where you are at in your life! This can be a quick, taking ownership type of exercise, or as slow and tumultuous one. Either way it will be as you wish it to be. The great news is you are the one in charge of the entire process, so you get to choose not only the rules but also the mood in which you embark on for this journey. A quick pointer though, either way you choose they both lead down the same path as the other. However, one of the paths is a lot more enjoyable than the other.

#2 Where do you need to expand in your life?
The next step is to recognize where you need to expand upon in your horizons. So, if you are not where you want to be, what do you need to do differently to get you there. If your default answer is “I do not know the answer right now” or “This is too hard to handle right now”, please promptly take yourself back to #1 and restart the exercise. However, if you are fully in awareness of what needs to transpire to expand your life, Implement these items into an action asap.

#3 Do not delay it is time for action!
So now that you know what needs to be done you must take immediate and deliberate action towards these goals. The worst thing you could do rig! By delaying this energy, you are essentially putting out your energetic flame. Which is the opposite of cleansing in fact you will be adding more energetic stuff to clear. And no one has time for that $h1t. So, what does immediate and deliberate action really mean. In a nutshell it means commitment to something and then proof that you are speaking your truth, so you need to put some skin in the game.

#4 Release yourself from FEAR!
A quick reminder that FEAR equals False Evidence Appearing Real! So why do we let it rule our lives so much. The kind of cleanse your soul needs in this moment is some serious letting go of what you think others think of you! If you are stuck by this in this process stop what you are doing and go back to #1 and start over again. The fear of what others think of us is the #1 way to stop any great project in its tracks & or delay it. I promise your soul, right now that if you allow this to take hold and germinate it will become the biggest weed in your garden. And it will out-shine and outlast and other seed you sow. Release and let go, and then run towards those things that scare you the most! You will be pleasantly surprised you did!

#5 Maintaining your sense of Joy!
This is a lot harder than it sounds but once you practice mindfulness in this area, it gets easier as you go to cleanse your soul. If what you are doing does not bring you joy any more that is your souls signal to you that something is no longer working for you. As far as I have come to realize we have a hard time pretending to our souls that we are happy when we are not. Please do not fight or resist this. In fact, simply embracing that you are not happy is the first step towards the changes required to regain your own happiness. I say when we own it, we can grow from it!

#6 Recalibrate your vibration!
Are people running towards you or away from you? This is a doozy of a question to ask yourself especially as a light worker! If you are not sure of the answer pay attention to energy you feel from others. Are they trying to help or are offering to support you? Chances are if this is the case, they are picking up a frequency shift in you and feel you need the support from them, when typically, it is the other way around. Be sure to meditate and perform some tried and tested grounding rituals to support the recalibration of your energy and raise your vibration.

#7 Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of us all?
Doing mirror work is an important exercise to help you fall back in love with yourself. We have all glanced in a mirror from time to time and thought Omg, where did that grey come from? or Seriously is that a new wrinkle! I get it, getting older can be unsettling. But do you know what is worse than that, thinking that you are not as beautiful as the vibration you are omitting. Nothing makes a person’s vibration take a sharp decline more than one falling out of love with one’s appearance. I am not talking about the small silly things, I am talking about the ability to look in a mirror and be grateful for every scar, wrinkle, & grey hair that takes center stage on your face or body. You must study yourself to truly appreciate your own beauty if you are to expect others to see this within you. Wisdom does not come without battle scars, own them and love every inch of your shell. It is after all, not what represents you in other’s eyes, it is in fact your energy that proceeds you, so it is important you are aligned with your image. To ensure that there is no confusion for the world when connecting to your wisdom.

#8 Speak your truth!
Always and I repeat always speak your truth! Now this is one of the harder things for people to maintain. Especially lightworkers because we feel we need to soften the message we share as to not offend others. This is a big part of the SPRING CLEANSE! In order to become aligned with your spiritual wisdom we must first accept what see, feel, hear, and know! By changing the message to soften it for others we have now changed the direction of what wisdom we were meant to give. It is vital that you share the truth, because then you can only attract the truth to you. Remember to always speak with your heart and from a love vibration when sharing your truth to cleanse your soul.

#9 Scan yourself for any Psychic Attack energy!
If you are always exhausted, having trouble sleeping, you are on and off sick with colds or headaches, can’t seem to function as normal for an extended period of time, you feel depressed but not really sure why, and no matter what you do you cannot seem to shake these feelings. Chances are you are or have been under attack! Now before you get your knickers in a twist, this may or may not be an intentional thing. It could be a friend or family member who is just jealous of you, your energy, life, situation, abundance, you name it. Little do they know the power of their envy. First scan to see if this is the likely culprit. If this is not connecting the dots perhaps it is something a little more sinister in nature. You may have had a falling out with someone, or were attacked verbally or silently through undermining you, either way you feel it and now it’s time to stop it. First remove your energy from the situation, do this by releasing yourself of the obligation to be invested in the victim energy it promotes. Then start by cutting energetic cords to those you know of that are being negative towards you. Then do a blanket cord cutting of all those who are sending negative or harmful energies in my direction. State that you wish to send them only the highest purest loving energy in return.

When you cleanse your soul, I am confident you will feel lighter in your step and happier! May all the seeds you plant this spring for your soul grow to the height of your dreams for them.

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