Prayer for Intuition

Prayer for Intuition

It feels like the appropriate moment to share and possibly suggest something a little unexpected about your ability to unite with a higher realm of consciousness using prayer for intuition. Considering all the choices for vaccines and supplements to stay healthy, if you were confident that your intuition was true, and that the Divine was directing your moves, you might just be led towards a better path of wellness.

Spiritual Life Coach & Author Michelle Mullady believes as I do, that we can open ourselves to our psychic/intuitive knowing through prayer. She shares her story; love and transformation at her website, and in workshops. The following, ‘Prayer for Enhancing Your Intuition’ is found on her blog and is an excellent example for those uncertain as to how you would begin using prayer in this fashion.

“Beloved Angels and Divine Creator,

I open my heart to you and ask that you support me to fully and freely experience your presence in my life. Please lighten my path and direct my steps. Please guide me to clearly hear, feel, and understand my intuition. I am aware that you communicate to me through this channel, and I wholeheartedly desire to strengthen this connection to the wisdom of my true Self. Thank you for helping me to rise above any fear or lack of confidence that I may have that prevents me from recognizing my inner voice. Help me to feel safe and empowered as I learn to decipher the ways my intuition tries to speak to me so that I am able to honor red flags and avoid people and situations that do not serve my best interest. I know that this silent super power is a blessing that is always available to me. My finest work, most excellent moments, and profound bliss will occur when I’m grounded and centered, listening to and faithfully trusting myself, allowing my heart and soul to guide me. My highest good happens when I allow myself to fully, completely, and in love, be led by my intuition. I am ready to access this gift, angels, and to use it to create a happier and more balanced life. And so it is … Amen!”

As you can see this prayer is not pleading, but affirming; and may be considered inclusive for a myriad of beliefs systems. Though my feeling has always been that we should look at a prayer as being similar to singing a song- It should be made our own.

Throughout the years it has become quite apparent that as individuals no matter our upbringing we each have our own inner language which we adhere to. Using our own language can only enhance our prayer experience along with our expected outcome of a deeper connection to the Divine with heightened intuition.

Altered states of consciousness often take place while in prayer. Many people express feelings of peace and love, on occasion the word elation is used. Answers to unsolved problems seem to all of a sudden come forth and a deep knowing that we are not alone is often the most valuable. Understanding that any time we commune with the Divine we open ourselves up to receiving higher wisdom and healing should be a given. However it is not something that we speak about all that readily. We mere mortals are really not so meager. We are created in the likeness and image of the Divine. We are made up of the same stuff as all those we find to be greater than ourselves with special abilities, and yet we have equal gifts of creation, intuition and the propensity to reach higher if we desire it.

Ask for your intuitive doorway while in prayer and see where it leads.

The Dark Side of Social Media

The Dark Side of Social Media

There’s black and white, right and wrong, yes and no, but when it comes to social media, not only is there a “light” side to it, there’s also a “dark” side as well!  What it all boils down to is belief systems of some of those who creep or bully lightworkers using various social media platforms to do it!  Although people do not have any inclination of who these lightworkers are or what they do any given day, they are of the opinion that what lightworkers do for a living is considered a gift and shame those who don’t offer their services for free.

For some, understanding the concept of getting paid for a service, or for a gift, can be difficult for some to accept, but more painful for those who face being told so or shamed publicly about it on social media. It can leave lightworkers feeling guilty about charging for services, uneasy about what they do or who they are. Some of industry’s best have been known to quit their practices because of social media and its pressures.

If you’re working in this capacity, you may be able to relate to:  having to deal with disturbing or unwarranted comments under your social media posts; people who harass or threaten you or your business or send nasty emails to you for no apparent reason;  being shamed for the type of work that you do or reminded you of how you are taking advantage for some poor soul.  I can go on forever, but I think you get my drift!  If you have, here are some my personal tips on “Coping with The Dark Side of Social Media“.

Please forgive them, for they haven’t a clue of what you do!   Do they understand the life changing impact or influence that you may have had on others?  No, in their eyes, you are up to no good.  What to do about it? Well, in my earlier days, I would have tried to defend myself and my beliefs, after all, my ego knew who I was!

Is it a good idea to lash out or to defend yourself?  Not always.  It’s more you say, the more ammunition they have to berate you with! The question to ask yourself is this:  will responding to these comments benefit you in any way?

If the answer is no, it’s just best to ban the user, and to delete the comment(s), keeping your post free of negativity and moving on to a happier day.  Just keep reminding yourself that some people fear what they don’t understand, because that’s the reality of what you’re dealing with.

Tags & Unexpected Media Attention – More often than none, those in the metaphysical trades are tagged in comments that may be made as a result of an post asking for recommendations. I’m sure you relate to requests such as “Does anyone know of a good psychic or medium, reader, etc.?”  Suddenly, your notification bell is lighting up like a Christmas tree because you’ve been tagged by clients or followers recommending you or, someone who will comment about what you represent to them in their eyes.

It’s very difficult to read negative comments about yourself, especially knowing that you’ve never met or dealt with any of these naysayers.  It’s best to chalk it up to ignorance, and to move on from the post or comments completely.

Change your Setting –  It’s best to unfollow the post, or change your settings so that you are not notified on tags.  If you’ve ever experienced this, you will notice that many of your followers or friends will stick up or defend you if there are negative comments, which is nice; but some will not, and it can be bothersome.

The best thing to do is to put the post on ignore. What good will it do to read something that really doesn’t reflect the person that you truly are. I always imagined it’s why so many celebrities go into hiding, because of the assumptions that people make when they’re out in public.  They could be yelling because they just sat on a bee, but it’s not what you’ll read in the headlines the next day!

Just remember, you are Human, your Soul knows who you are!  Social media will at one point or another, make you question yourself or your purpose, but deep down, know that you’re a holisticpreneur at heart and it’s your purpose!  It’s your given path, you are meant to be heard, seen and to help people through your gifts!

So tell the world who you are, and repeat after me…” I release and let go the dark side of social media”.


Branding to Attract Clients

Branding to Attract Clients

How you portray yourself for the world to see is not just about colours, fonts and logos. More and more people are demanding that they see the face behind the brand, the who and the why. You are your own brand. Being authentic with your values, beliefs and missions make you marketable and will be the thing that gets you lifelong clients and colleagues, or could leave you with the sound of crickets.

Here are some important things to consider when branding yourself authentically:

What you support — Do you volunteer or donate to an organization? Do you support other entrepreneurs or small businesses? Do you fear supporting other like-minded entrepreneurs? What and who you support will provide you opportunities to network and make a positive impact in the community. Soul mate clients of Lightworkers want to know what you support and if it aligns to a deep level of meaningful impact. Other Lightworkers that may want to work with you will view you as a professional who is committed to an investment of time and energy for the Higher good and displaying your solid work ethics and reliability.

Who you mingle with — Do you have a support system ( Also known as a Cheering Squad )? Do you spend a significant amount of time with people vibrating at a lower energy than yours?

Where you show up — Do you consistently show up in the media, events, or social media?

Why you are showing up — Do you have a clear message that is in alignment with your vision, values, beliefs, and mission? Being authentic is knowing who you are, learning from yourself, and accepting yourself for who you are. People that are looking to connect with a Lightworker will be very intuitive and often use their intuition to vibe out their decision to connect with you. They can see through indecisiveness, fears, lack of self-acceptance and if you believe yourself to be worthy of your role. If you know your message and it aligns to your values, beliefs, and mission, people will have confidence in your abilities and connect for guidance or collaboration.

When times get tough — Do you fear rejection or visibility? Do you avoid negative comments or remove yourself to avoid negativity? Even entrepreneurs that have millions of followers receive negative comments or reviews, yet they still show up because they know what their message is, what their brand is, and more people will resonate with authenticity than negativity. If you believe in your message, consider using that energy to fuel the desire to show up and share it with others.

We are becoming more selective with who and what we invest our money in. Showing up authentically, at work and at play, will help your potential clients and colleagues feel confident with investing in you! The entrepreneurs that are willing to connect, support, network, grow and stand for their values, beliefs will be viewed as authentic. As well as being easily able to align to their mission for a successful and meaningful impact that will keep your name on the tips of everyone’s tongues when considering who they want to hire or work with.

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Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Combining a spiritual life into the entrepreneurship world may be challenging to psychics and to those who are energetically sensitive. When entering the world of business, you may find yourself surprised with the frequency of ethical dilemmas you may face, as you navigate what you feel is right and what is actually being experienced. Psychics that become entrepreneurs will experience resistance in business as your Shadow Self may show you parts of yourself you have denied until now. Although your spiritual self possesses very healing and affirming traits, the business environment presents many formidable challenges that can be sensitive to a psychic.

Take a look below to find out the 5 reasons psychics struggle with the business:

Are you sensitive to the judgments, projections and feelings around you? As a psychic, you often sense information and energy before others which makes confronting your own reality challenging, especially in regards to your self worth. Being a psychic is who you are, you were naturally born with the ability, you may question how valuable your gift truly is.

Putting a price on such a gifted ability may feel very earnest, yet it’s important because it determines how much revenue you will drive. As an empath soul, you want to be able to provide clarity and guidance to those who are in need however, the pricing aspect of the Holistic business may be daunting. Many psychics fear that by putting a price on their natural ability, the goal of helping others on their spiritual journey may become impersonal due to the financial aspect.

Energy Overload
Passionate psychics want to be able to provide a meaningful experience for their clients that has a purposeful outcome. When you are an entrepreneurial psychic, sometimes regularly connecting to spiritual energy, may become exhausting and lead to the feeling of dread when performing services. The idea of needing to see many clients in a day to sustain a practical income can be energy consuming. Practicing the “quality over quantity” approach and pricing your fees appropriately will benefit you as a psychic.

Judgement and Negative Energy
When forging your own path and stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially by starting a business as a psychic or Holistic healer, you may face judgment from clientele as well as other psychics who view your business as competition. The world needs what you have to offer! Own it instead of making yourself smaller to conform to other people’s expectations of you.

Fear of Visibility
Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel that you lack the brains, the courage, and the creativity? Chances are, what you’re feeling is a normal part of the journey as a psychic worker! We are predominately wired with fear. You may find it challenging to further pursue a Holistic business because of fearing of not being accepted in society. Putting yourself out into the cut-throat entrepreneur world while also being energy sensitive, can lead you to feeling as if you’re on unsteady ground.

I’m here to tell you that you can balance your own spirituality with your psychic business! Don’t wait your entire life to start your entrepreneurship journey because of reservations and fear you may be having. Search for the calm within the chaos, lessen the worry by continuing moving forward regardless of the adversity!

Want to learn more about embracing life as a psychic entrepreneur? Join us, we can help!

Maybe you are psychic

Maybe you are psychic

Listening to that inner knowing is invaluable to me. Most recently this past weekend; while readying for my radio show, that little voice said, “Work Remote Today!” For a moment it seemed absurd. After all, everything was fine (in the moment). Though heeding that voice paid off. Working remotely enabled me to be in closer proximity to a family member who needed immediate attention after the show was complete.

With so much ambiguity happening now, you know … wear a mask, don’t, send your loved one out to the workplace, or negotiate distance working, to sanitize or not, & so forth. Perhaps now is the appropriate time to sharpen your own innate skills. Wouldn’t it be great if you confidently listened to that little voice & it created more peace in your life?

This being said, I thought it might be prudent to share some of my apprenticeship content for those of you who have an interest & would like to see if your skills will serve you.

To gently encourage the commencement of your wonderful expedition of self-awareness, discovery and psychic mastery, you shall begin with a lesson that may seem pointless. However working with this lesson alone can open your door to recognizing your perceptions.

The purpose of this exercise is to broaden your expectations of yourself, strengthen your perceptions & become aware of a shift within your consciousness.

You probably will surprise yourself with the outcome (most people do).

Time: Please allow at least “one hour” at one sitting to complete the practice – If possible repeat 7X within a week.

If you feel you need additional pencil & eraser, good light, an object such as a shoe or a bag, something that has definite shape & can be turned upside down. Yes you read that correctly – Upside down & a quiet place not to be disturbed.

Gather all supplies together. This is no different than cooking, in the sense that it will not do you any good to have things scattered all over. You will be developing the right hemisphere of your brain which is noted for creativity & connecting to the abstract. Discipline should be adopted for your psychic work. Keeping things in an orderly fashion will instill conditioning that your mind and body are prepared to react to.

Place your “object” upside down a short distance away from you in clear site. You are to draw this object … “Not by what it is” but by each line and curve. The objective is to draw shape, line & curve. This gives the analytical part of your brain a turnoff valve.

Before beginning, take a moment to notice your frame of mind, how do you feel? How does your environment feel? These two things are important. For as you continue to concentrate on your work, at some juncture you will feel a change. Just allow it.

Once you begin this process & you are forthright in your commitment to only see this object as having shapes, lines, curves and colors; your conscious censorship within your mind will simply allow you to proceed (left hemisphere turnoff). There will be a moment of aha! This is a feeling that you’ve shifted into something else (though initially it may be ever so subtle).

It may take you a few minutes to convince yourself that you “are not” drawing something familiar that you know the name of. Just know you can! Most people are really astounded as to the perfection they achieve by just focusing their attention on the abstract.

When finished, notice any changes you can express. Date for future reference. Then turn your drawing right side up. Make any notations you feel appropriate & write down any questions that arise.

Awareness is Spiritual Development

Awareness is Spiritual Development

When examined impartially, a spiritual life is reduced quite easily to a consistent state of awareness. This is the one constant you will notice as you learn about spiritual practices from around the globe. It is the same constant that is integral even when cultivating more intuitive sight or stress management techniques.

Adherents often inquire about their Master’s final teaching words as they ready to depart from this plane of existence. The word “awareness” is the main teaching. Great Masters understand that awareness is the most important principle of spirituality. This may be simplistic, yet so elusive at times.

If you keep this concept in mind, it will be easier to cut through all the ambiguous inconsistencies that are often taught. Awakening is at the heart of awareness, and if pursued, enlightenment is the result. That is why ancient Masters like Buddha along with today’s philosophers recognize the importance of mindfulness meditation.

We are enigmas to ourselves. We think and behave and have no idea why we act the way we do. We want to better ourselves yet we don’t understand the potentially endless resistance that keeps us mired in our dis-comfort zones.

Awareness at all times and in all places is the answer to spiritual growth. It is through the most basic practices of awareness that you can develop; though slowly almost invisibly at times. Movement happens however most do not notice it. Your movement becomes a part of the landscape like so much of what takes place within nature; seasons change, flowers bloom, we do not see the exact moment of transformation.

The enormous challenge that most face is trying to equalize our desires for personal and spiritual development with all of the daily practicality of life. We live in such a, oh so practical world, with its numerous expectations on us and our energy. However there are things that can be done to engage our growth: There really is no distinction between the spiritual and mundane existence. Any practical occurrence can be used as a possible chance for spiritual and personal expansion. Take it upon yourself to find opportunities to develop who you are with every situation, each day.

I often suggest to my students, several, small breath breaks throughout the day- close your eyes, breathe slowly and fully; simply get grounded. Prioritize using a specific place/time where you may have a quiet and a calm environment.

Allow yourself to have more faith in you and use your inner guidance. Consider that all of the teachers and spiritual traditions exist only to guide you to the wisest teacher, your higher self, found within. Cultivate awareness of your inner promptings and be willing to listen and follow their lead.

Maintain your perseverance, determination, and encouragement. It is very easy to become discouraged when doing personal work and believe you are not making any progress. There is no such thing as wasted effort when it comes to spiritual or personal development. Make no comparisons, have no requirements, simply allow. Permit your development to take its natural course, at its own pace. Each person’s needs are unique, as is the speed at which they grow. All that is required is perseverance and a commitment to higher levels of performance.

All that is ever necessary is you and your enthusiasm to learn and grow. The right teacher can be of great assistance and spiritual traditions can help you to stay focused and grounded. Nurture your own awareness, allow it to nurture you and it will.