Coping with Imposter Syndrome

Coping with Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome as a Psychic, Medium, or Empath?  I’m here to tell you you’re not alone and how to cope with it!  I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have grappled with the statement “Are you a Psychic” at the beginning of my journey into working as a Psychic Medium. Don’t even get me started on the Medium title!

I remember clearly thinking “I wish people would stop calling me that” when clearly I am not like one of those shiny people in this exclusive league of elite insightful seers. I only ever saw myself as a great guesser and, in the early years allowed myself to rise to the handle of a mere intuitive. It was the easiest one for me to accept. Specifically, when I went public with my gifts. Because how else could I describe what I did for people? 

Lucky for me, it was my clients very early on that branded me a Psychic within the first week of going public. Let me tell you, did I ever feel like a fraud when they said that. I had my own reservations around psychics and had my own experiences with good and well let’s just say, some really awful ones! Coupled with my tv show mentors, Jackie Dennison from tv’s RESCUE MEDIUMS, and Allison Dubois from the show MEDIUM, who I felt were far superior to me and my gifts. I just could not accept the title. So being labeled that in the beginning, created a bit of internal struggle for me for sure.

Coming out of my spiritual closet was a big deal for me. I remember it so vividly as such an overwhelming and scary time in my life. As this was a time where I was transitioning between who I felt I was, and who I had allowed the public to see me as. In fact, I never really allowed anyone really to know the real me. This was half on purpose and the other half was part ignorance on my behalf. 

You see, for the longest time, I just assumed everyone else was just like me. In fact, when I started to recognize the obvious differences between me and others, I remember the relief I felt. Before that, I was convinced that people had conspired against me in some big cosmic conspiracy. It felt as if they were trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

I was convinced that everyone I was connected to knew more than what they were alluding to. What was blatantly obvious to me, my inner knowing, seemed to make others oblivious. I just could not understand how they didn’t see things the way I did. And to be honest usually to their own detriment. 

This made it very difficult for me to trust people because of my deluded awareness. Well, that and the fact that I could instantly tell when someone was being dishonest or not genuine. I remember shortly after my brother passed just how lit up I became psychically. Not to mention, it became my mission in life to understand exactly where he went when he died. It was a compulsion of mine, because what my church was offering me just didn’t make the cut for me!

Little did I know at the time, the addition of my emotional lack of confidence, and trauma wounds from my experiencing loss at such at the age of 10 made it very difficult to trust others. I can now see that I suffered what they call “Attachment Disorder”.  The obvious differences between me and those I was connected to started to become painfully obvious. I honestly felt like people thought I was this idiot. How could they think I didn’t see into their motives or obvious lies? Little did I realize that I was very different, and my traumas only exacerbated the whole getting to know and understand my gifts, and their potential until my mid 20’s.

Until then, I was floating around in my life just trying to figure out why I didn’t understand anyone’s motives. I was convinced or dare I, say paranoid that they knew they were deceiving me when in fact, they were not even aware of whatever it was I was judging them on. 

This was a huge challenge in the beginning of my journey in my 20’s. But overtime I realized my gift of insight gave me somewhat of a heads up, if you will, on those I connected with. And I soon discovered, it was not that they were out to get me, it was that everyone is just out for number 1, in other words themselves! This was an enormous lesson for me to learn.

Now this may differ from how you found yourself to where you are today, and that is simply because our soul lessons took different directions to get us to where we currently are in our lives. But the destination is ultimately the same, enlightenment, and if sharing my journey a bit helps even one soul, then this article will have done its duty. 

So now, let’s get onto why I felt the fraud energy or also known as the imposter syndrome. My journey into heightening my awareness had plenty of moments of complete balance. You know the feeling when everything is in sync and you feel grounded and relaxed the majority of the time?  But I soon became aware of the need for rapid growth when those moments were followed by drama, trauma, and other fun challenges that forced me to examine and use my gifts more often than not.  

Let’s examine what that would look like for me. Imagine one day you have 5 clients singing your praises and you feel totally connected and confident with your gifts and the very next day one person says everything you just told them was a load of b.s.  It could happen one or two times in a year, and even though you had thousands tell you “You nailed it”, that one person would shift your confidence. And that is where the seed of “Am I a fraud” germinates. 

You begin to question your very existence, and is it possible all those others that told you how amazing and accurate you were, were just saying that to be nice? Did they say that because they felt sorry for me? Were they making up the tears or the elation they felt when they were given validation from their loved ones? Do people do that in the thousands? 

The problem is that we tend to believe the 1 or 2 people rather than the masses. And I think this is by design to keep us humble. To remind us that this is a gift and that it is a precious one at that. And if you have a weak stomach it certainly gets toughened up doing this work or as I call it my calling!

One thing that I can always count on my spirit team to do when those “one off’s” happen, or when I feel like throwing in the towel on doing this work because of an overwhelming client that pulls at your heartstrings just a little too much. They send me an earth angel who reaches out from the void to randomly tell me how much I changed their life for the better! There is nothing more magical than divine timing as I see it. I hope this helps you to see that hanging in there, and sharing your gifts are worth far more than even you can imagine. 

Finally, I this sounds like you, and you are not sure how to shift this feeling, try the following because it really helps; first, get out of your own way, second, don’t keep your knowledge to yourself, third, don’t compare yourself to others, and fourth, whatever scares you , step into it!

Stay shiny folks!

5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

We’ve all heard that daily meditation practice can improve our lives in many ways. But how exactly does meditation impact us? Before we answer that, we need to understand how meditation works.

Meditation is often thought of as “silencing the mind”. While some do strive for this style of meditation, it is not the only way to meditate. Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention inward and engaging in reflection. When we do this, we learn to tune out our ever-racing mind and tune in to our thoughts and feelings. As we observe ourselves (in a non-judgmental way) we develop a stronger connection to ourselves and others. Anyone can meditate, its just about finding the right tools for you. Here are some ways meditation helps improve our lives.

Improved Sleep – It is reported that roughly 237 million people globally struggle with insomnia. Typically, this is due to a busy mind (or “monkey-mind”). When we introduce a daily meditation habit, we are teaching our brain to relax and release any worrying thoughts. Through the repetition of a daily meditation practice we can redirect our focus away from these worrying thoughts, and focus on other things like relaxing the muscles in our body (body scan), or picturing a quiet scene (ie. imagery of a beach, or walking in the park). This practice reduces the cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body and help prepare the body for a restful sleep.

Stress Reduction – A popular reason people try meditation is in an effort to reduce stress levels. Throughout the day people experience various stimuli that invoke the body’s stress response (fight, flight, freeze). While there is definitely a benefit to this stress response (it prepares us for potential threats and improves our awareness), we can’t live in a constant state of stress. Without proper stress management, this can lead to burn-out. When we meditate, we trigger the body’s relaxation response. Here, we let the mind know it is safe for the “walls to come down” and for the body to repair itself from being in a state of stress. Meditation becomes a trigger- when we are taking slow, deep breaths, and relaxing the muscles, we are making our physical body calm down. When our physical body is relaxed, it sends signals to our brain confirming that we are safe and do not need to worry.

Gain New Perspectives – As we practice meditation, we are trying to improve our self-awareness. This means going into a judgement-free mindset so we can look at our whole self, including our shadow self. If we are looking for clarity on something, or to understand ourselves (or others) further, we need to be open to other perspectives. Whether this is the act of “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” or simply taking a step back to see the bigger picture, changing our perspectives holds a number of benefits!

Lowers Heart Rate & Blood Pressure, & Strengthens Immune System – If you are part of the estimated one billion people worldwide who are affected by Hypertension (high blood pressure), meditation is here to help! When combined with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, meditation has been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate by stimulating the “relax” response within our bodies. Many studies have been conducted to also show that meditation provided a boost in the interferon pathways that help regulate our immune system.

Regulates Mood – Meditation can be thought of as a superpower in some ways, as it gives us the ability to have better control over regulating our emotions. Often, when we are stressed or on high alert, we act rashly by not always thinking before we act. There are times we feel a response is needed right away and we react in a spontaneous manner. Meditation, specifically mindful meditation, reminds us to step back and observe the whole situation; to respond instead of react. A daily meditation practice trains the brain to notice and observe, without judgement, so that we can understand the situation and think more clearly. Here, we learn to sit with “unpleasant” emotions like stress, anger, or fear, without letting those emotions control us.

It is clear that there are a number of benefits to starting, and maintaining, a daily meditation practice. If you’re looking for more help building or improving your meditation practice, visit my website for more information and support.

How Empaths Can Manage Their Energy During the Holiday Season

How Empaths Can Manage Their Energy During the Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season puts empaths in a tricky position—one of the most joyous times of year can also be one of the most draining if you aren’t careful. It’s especially challenging because you’re dealing with other people’s energy as well as your own, and it’s challenging to know how to navigate both at the same time. How do you avoid burning out during the holidays? Here are some tips on how empaths can manage their energy during this busy time of year.

Release, ground, and shield your energy

For empaths, the holidays can be a confusing and overwhelming time. The gatherings, grief, shopping, and even travel can take a lot of energy to manage. Whether you’re an empath or not, it’s important to take care of your energy and make sure you don’t go into a state of depletion. Here are some tips on how to release, ground, and shield your energy during the holidays:

1. Release – Set an intention to release low vibrational energy, move your body – dance party anyone? You could also have a shower, wash your hands, or use your favourite clearing crystals.

2. Ground – Focus on your breath, go barefoot, imagine tree roots coming from the core of your body into the centre of the Earth, or try a grounding meditation.

3. Protect – Visualize a protective bubble around you, imagine you are on an island of black tourmaline, or create a white light in your mind’s eye that expands within and around you with each breath.

Make empowered choices

Empaths are often overloaded with others’ emotions and have a hard time setting boundaries and living in alignment with their own desires. This can make holidays especially difficult. Here are some tips to help you make empowered choices around the holidays:

1. Be choosy with your holiday events- don’t commit to anything that doesn’t align with your desires.

2. If you must go to an event where there will be many people (like a family gathering), set intentions and do your best to go into it with a good attitude and focus on being present in the moment rather than what might happen next.

3. Lastly remember that it’s ok to say no!

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries with family and friends is a healthy way to manage energy during the holidays. Boundaries can be anything from how often you spend time with them, to what you allow them to say or do. Set boundaries that work for you and your needs and take care of yourself by honoring those boundaries. If spending time with family and friends makes you feel drained, plan ways to give yourself rest before you connect with them. Let others know how they can support you (don’t make big plans for me or commit me to obligations without my consent; please don’t overwhelm me with news about other people’s lives or the world’s events). When setting these boundaries, it’s important to set consequences so people know when they have crossed your boundary.

Tune in to your body

You might find it difficult to maintain your energy levels at this time of year, but there are many things you can do to help yourself. For example, tune in to your body and notice where your energy is stored. You might find that it’s stored in your stomach, which could mean you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Or it could be stored in your chest, which may indicate that you’re holding a lot of emotional tension. You may need to talk about these feelings with someone close to you, write them down in a journal, or just allow the emotions to come up naturally and release them naturally. Maybe taking a short walk or dancing it out may help you clear out some of that energy so you can maintain your energy this holiday season.

Listen to your own needs

As an empath, it is important to take care of yourself and listen to your own needs, especially during the intense energy of the holidays. It’s okay to step back sometimes and rest if you need it! If you are going through a difficult time during the holidays, like breakup, loss or change in job position, grief can be triggered, and you may have more sensitivity during that time. Allow yourself joy but try not to prevent yourself from joyful experiences or set unrealistic goals for yourself, if you are not feeling up to it. Don’t push through with being ‘on’ all of the time because you may burn out. Be mindful of your needs and honour them so you can maintain your energy, for a balanced lifestyle this holiday season.

Is There Any Way To Test My Psychic Abilities?

Is There Any Way To Test My Psychic Abilities?

Are you psychic? Do you have special powers that allow you to see into the future? Or maybe you’re just really good at guessing people’s thoughts.  Find out how to tell if you have these abilities.

How Can I Know For Sure That I Am Psychic?

If you believe you have psychic powers, then you might be wondering whether there is any way to test your abilities. The answer is yes!  While there isn’t an easy way to prove that you have psychic powers, there are some things you can do to help determine if you are truly psychic.

If you think you have psychic abilities, then you might be wondering what exactly those abilities entail. After all, there are so many Clairsenses that Psychics use. Psychics often claim to be able to predict events before they happen, such as knowing who will win a game before it starts. Some psychics say they can read minds, while others claim to be able to communicate with spirits.

However, there are many different psychic abilities, and some people believe they are simply born with certain talents. Some people believe that they were born with psychic abilities and that they should be able to use them to help other people. Others feel that they must develop their psychic skills through practice or psychic development courses.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities, then you might be interested in learning how to test yourself.   Here’s a great quiz to help you assess whether you’re a Medium, Psychic, Empath, or Healer, or if you have a general interest or inclination in all things unknown.

There are many things or subjects that may attract you if you have psychic abilities such as tarot cards, numerology, astrology, palm reading, and dream interpretation. Some people believe that you can develop psychic abilities by practicing meditation, while others think that you can’t become psychic until you reach adulthood which is untrue.

Another interesting fact about learning whether or not you’re psychic is to try to figure out what other people think about you. Ask friends and family members questions about yourself, such as “What would you say is my best quality?” You might be surprised to discover that they have very little idea of what you’re thinking or feeling.

There are so many people who have psychic abilities, and who would like to develop their gift so that they can use it to navigate through life’s journey.  Understanding energy and its language is important as it can be so confusing trying to figure it out for yourself. Take our quiz to find out if you have these abilities so that you can learn how to use them for good.

Psychic Services & Tools of the Trade

Psychic Services & Tools of the Trade

Watch as I discuss the various types of Psychic Services available and tools of the trade used when providing these services.

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What Are The Clairs?

What Are The Clairs?

Have you heard of the “Clairs”?  Watch to learn more about clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairalience, and clairgustance.

If you’re interested in learning more about your abilities and want to explore them further, visit our Psychic Development Course here!