What Are The Clairs?

What Are The Clairs?

Have you heard of the “Clairs”?  Watch to learn more about clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairalience, and clairgustance.

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Coming Out of Your Spiritual Closet

Coming Out of Your Spiritual Closet

Watch this video where I discuss “Coming Out of Your Spiritual Closet”, the expectations versus the reality!  It’s so hard for lightworkers to come out of their spiritual closets,  to finally get the courage to come out and say that they’re either a psychic or a medium or an empath or whatever their gift may be. And it’s hard to come to terms with that because we have different fears as human beings. I mean, it’s natural for the ego to have fear. And so what happens is when you know that you’re going to be loved or you know that people might kind of question your values or your morals or even your sanity, it’s really hard to kind of figure out what you’re going to tell people.

When you finally do decide to come out of the closet, spiritually speaking, it’s difficult.  I know for myself, that I was very lucky my psychic mother had a practice between 1961 to 1983. So she worked in this the entire time and that’s what she did for a living. But at the end of the day, it was difficult for me, even though I had a mother like this, for me to finally tell people and let them know that this is who I was.

And so when you’re true to yourself, when you start to accept yourself, your gifts will flow so beautifully, because you have a purpose to help others. So if you’re a psychic, or a medium, or an empath, most of the time, you know you got a little something, you may want to consider taking a look at why you’re like that, because there’s most likely a bigger plan for you, a bigger reason as to why you were chosen to help so many people through your gifts.

My mother always said gifts were “God’s Influence Flows Through”, and I believe that if you’re doing this out of good intention, it doesn’t matter what people think of you. What matters is that you’re helping those through your gifts, and your heart to heal, and have a better life.

I want to thank you so much for listening. Have a beautiful day, everyone. And remember, be true to yourself. There’s nothing more freeing than just to be.

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The Different Types of Psychic Services

The Different Types of Psychic Services

Ever wonder what different types of Psychics services are available out there? There is much to discuss when it comes to this subject.  One of the biggest questions most Psychics get asked is what different types of Psychic services they offer,  On the surface, it may seem like a normal enough question to ask, but in reality, there are so many different types of Psychic Services available these days, I could probably go on for a while.

When I first started my journey as a full time Psychic, I was a little baffled as to what people wanted to know.  After all, I thought to myself, doesn’t everyone know what a Psychic does? We see the past present and future… I mean what else is there to know?  Now that I’ve worked in this industry for some time, I can now say, quite a bit!

Let’s take a look at the obvious ones first, shall we?

The use of divination tools, commonly known to most is Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and Angel cards.  These types of cards easily get associated as tools for psychics. Just like the hammer does to a carpenter. But not all psychics use cards to help them access information for their sitter. The bottom line is although these tools help interpret and identify information for their client, it is the psychic that brings the cards to life. They do this by seeing and feeling insight with each card.  The “layout or spread”, colours, images, etc., all offer insight in conjunction with the other cards around them and can affect the predictions. Not all psychics read cards

Crystal balls are another fan favourite that often gets associated with psychics. We cannot help but imagine the gypsy woman with the crystal ball in front of her, as she gazes deeply into the abyss of the crystal. The proper term for this is “scrying”! The art of seeing images or visions in the ball. You may also be aware of “reading tea leaves“. This is also considered scrying! The point is the psychic utilizes the images conjured from these divination tools to support her reading of the client. Not all psychics read crystal balls and tea leaves.

Most of you will understand what I mean when I say “Palmistry”. If you guessed palm reading, then “yes”, you are right! This art form of reading requires the psychic to review and then study one’s palms. Most palmists choose the right hand to read. They look for things like the shape, lines, colouring of the palm, and the length of the fingers. The information derived from these very things determines a person’s character and future. Not all psychics read palms!

Aura energy reading is one of my personal favourites. This is the ability to see a person’s Auric energy and can predict illness or discomfort a person is having in their body and usually, they can heal or ease the suffering of those ailments through their healing energy. They are also able to determine a person’s character and their ability to handle life’s up and down challenges. Not all psychics can read Auras!

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? There are a lot of people who suffer from phobias or they feel very drawn to a particular career path or hobby. It is likely that a “Past Life Regressionist” through hypnotherapy, would be able to make this link back to one of your past lives. This is especially useful for those suffering from family trauma, as the cellular memory stored in your soul from previous lifetimes may be causing chaos in this lifetime. Not all psychics use hypnotherapy!

Numerology is the next one that most are familiar with! This is known as the study of numbers! Numerologist is the term given to those who study in this area. They believe that everything can be broken down into numbers. They can predict your past, present and future based on your numbers. The information they derive comes from your personal information such as your birth date, your name at birth, your married name, the time you were born, and much more. It is truly remarkable information one can glean from one’s personal information and its effects on their life’s path all from a simple calculation of numbers that your unique personal information produces. Not all psychics read numbers!

Runes are another one of the divination tools used to predict outcomes for those seeking information about their path. They are typically purchased in a bag with 24 stones each depicting characters from the runic alphabet of Germanic-speaking peoples in the Elder Futhark script and the Younger Futhark script which illuminated the Viking age. They have been in existence since c. 160 CE in Scandinavia. Each stone offers wisdom to the psychic for their sitter. Not all psychics read rune stones!

One of my personal favourites to play with is the “i-Ching” coins. This divination tool consists of either 3 or 6 coins. The coins have a head (YIN) and a tale (YANG) and are made of brass, with Chinese Feng Shui symbols on the front and back. They will also have a square hole in the center of the coin like ancient Chinese currency had so they could be carried on a leather strap. They work by throwing the coins and how they land, and the order of closest to the line would determine first in the line of the hexagram, creating a particular pattern. Here is where a pattern is formed and find the matching pattern to the correct hexagram to reveal your prediction. Not all psychics read i-Ching coins.

How many of you have read your horoscopes at some point in the past? That brings me to my next service often associated with psychics, “Astrology”! Astrologists focus on the placement of the planets based on the date, time and location in the world you were born! This information helps them predict your past challenges and support your present and future life decisions based on these criteria. Not all psychics are astrologists! If you love a good horoscope check out my weekly horoscopes.

As you can see, a psychic can connect with many different modalities, especially when it comes to supporting their abilities to read a person’s past, present, and future. Believe it or not, most use none of the above! They rely solely on their spirit team to guide them into awareness as they support countless lives by finding the answers, the truth, balance, and joys life has to offer others in this lifetime.

Remember: Stay shiny peeps!


Is This Normal:  The Fears Lightworkers Face Part 2

Is This Normal: The Fears Lightworkers Face Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, we will look at some more challenges that are commonplace amongstour community lightworkers, and holisticpreneurs and how to remedy them!

In recapping Part 1, we discussed some of the challenges that myself and my close friends in the industry have experienced.  If you haven’t read it, you may want to reference to the “Is This Normal:  The Fears Lightworkers Face” article, where we discussed the following challenges faced by lightworkers:

  • I want to quit this work!
  • I don’t feel like I belong!
  • Did I upset my Spirit Team?
  • When will I become all knowing?

So, let’s dive right in and review more around the financial, social and emotional challenges and fears that we face!

I want to do this for a living, but I fear I won’t be supported financially!

So, just an “F.Y.I.” the exact same words, and or thoughts have been uttered by every holisticpreneur who came before you. We have all had to step into the challenge of trusting our spirit team to support us when it comes to earning enough money, or supporting our finances. It is a big ask to walk away from a career with benefits, jump blindly into a new career that is not a guaranteed hourly wage, or benefit package, not to mention walking away from a very nice retirement package. And yet, so many of us have done this based on our inner knowing and blind trust. It is a calling. And therefore, we do not feel we even have a choice in the matter. If your job is becoming so daunting that just walking into work makes you feel physically ill. Chances are you are being asked to take that same leap of faith the rest of us had to do and that you should just begin to trust that your spirit team has your back.

I have a lot of friends but none of them know each other and those who do, don’t really get along!

If this sounds familiar, chances are high that it has been a source of stress for you, that you can know and love these very different but same “energetically speaking” people, and yet they don’t ever seem to come together, or in some cases even get along with each other. If the feeling of “can’t we all just get along” crosses your mind often, trust me, I get it. This is another common challenge we have. This is for a reason though. Each person we connect with brings so much wisdom to our knowledge vault, that they have to be different from each other. Their backgrounds, their social status will all vary and for a very important reason. That reason is you and your life’s lessons. You are supposed to be on a knowledge-based trajectory in this lifetime. You won’t get that if you hang out with one cohesive group or posse. You are the odd man out for the very reason of gaining wisdom in this lifetime. Embrace the awareness each soul brings to the table for you. And release the scattered “Why can’t we all just get along? Vibe!” 

I have these unexplained pains or illness’s that the doctors can’t explain!

Believe it or not this is a very common challenge amongst lightworkers. It can be anything from phantom pains where you are energetically picking up on someone else’s illness or suffering. If your body is just constantly in pain, and the doctors cannot explain why, no matter what test they perform there is just no explanation for it. You may have been told at a young age that you had a stomach ulcer, only for that to have eventually corrected itself. Some common illnesses for lightworkers are, heart palpitations, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, stomach pains, anything to do with your adrenals, inflammation and finally headaches and migraines just to name but a few.

As you can see, we cover a wide variety here, but if the doctor can’t pinpoint what the cause is, you may want to examine your grounding techniques and up the amount of time you’re doing this. Also meditation and journaling are great remedies for many of these symptoms, and finally drink, more water: staying hydrated is big problem for us. Think of it like every time we tune in energetically, we are conducting heat and heat evaporates water, if our body is 60% water and we are constantly conducting energy, we need to stay hydrated. And avoid sugar, we are mostly all addicted to this sweet substance whether it is chocolate or pop, it only exasperates our conditions.

Why do people always seem to take advantage of my kind nature?

As a lightworker, it is not unusual for us to feel compelled to support everyone around us. It is as if we think they will not survive the night if we don’t step in to save them from themselves. This urge to be “everyone’s everything” is very common amongst us. It is actually one of the biggest lessons we learn. And that lesson is to be your own lifeline before being someone else’s, and of course, that “free will” clause that every human comes with. That pesky little challenge that no matter what advice or direction you offer and know is best for that soul, that they have their own free will, and will follow whatever destiny their soul needs to follow, in order for them to learn what they need to in this lifetime. So, it can feel draining when people constantly seek you out for advice, only to ignore the wisdom you give them time and again, furthering to cause them more challenges in their lives. Don’t take it personally; it is their journey, it’s best to just share the advice and move on.

The moral of this article is to know that you are not unusual, and that these things that are happening to you, are actually happening for you! Stay grounded beauties, I plan to share a part #3 & #4 in this series with you soon!

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10 Signs You May Be Psychic

10 Signs You May Be Psychic

There are 10 sure tell signs that you may be Psychic.  These signs will help answer the many questions that you have about what you’re sensing.  As for myself, I have been Psychic for as long as I can remember and knew no other way of life. When I wanted to understand something, I would listen, watch, feel, even taste, or smell the happenings around me, and just like that something clicked- I got the insight I was looking for. It really was that easy for me to find insight, manifest, and attract things into my experience. It was not until I was about 10 years old that I recognized the term ‘Psychic’ as a description of what I was capable of, and from then on it was all about learning more about my abilities, and helping others understand their own.

I’m sure you’ve run into moments in your life when you were able to connect to someone’s energy like when you know who is calling you before you even answer the phone, or you and your best friend had a “no way!” moment, because it’s like you could read each other’s minds, and let’s be real- those are some exhilarating experiences! After experiencing repetitive phenomenal incidents, it is fair to be wondering, “Am I Psychic?”

What is a Psychic?

A Psychic is someone who uses energy and vibrations that surround them, as well as their own natural, or learned, intuition to tune into the past, present, and future. By doing so, a Psychic will then be able to convey any messages or insight that can provide clarity or guidance to people who are pondering a variety of life questions. Psychics are prominently known for their ability to have futuristic visions.

It is important to recognize that just because you may not fit perfectly into that one of the categories below, does not mean you do not have the ability or that you are not Psychic!

Here are 10 signs that you may be Psychic:

You have strong intuition!

As a Psychic you will have overwhelming ‘gut feelings,’ sudden thoughts or a knowing, see something unfold in your mind’s eye, gravitate, or turn away from certain experiences, places, or people, all because your intuition is so strong that you will just sense when you are receiving energy. Intuition comes on instantaneously, without explanation, Psychics will profoundly trust their intuition and make choices that align to their insights, even when it makes no logical sense to others. Life just became a lot easier, right?

You attract strangers!

Psychic people are very in tune to people around them. You could be out in public and feel so much about someone’s energy that you connected to, without even knowing them! Most times, you find strangers gravitating towards you unknowingly, mainly because they are drawn to your beautiful energy. Yes, you do have a sign over your head that says, “please come tell me your deepest secrets”!

You are the go-to friend and give the best advice!

You may notice that all your friends, family members, and even your neighbours, will come to you for advice. You naturally receive insight that make you the go-to for the best advice and often want to work in industries that support this ability such as a Healer, Leader, Teacher, or other human support role. Ever wonder whom your go-to will be? Me too! Do not worry, you will always have insightful people cross your path to be there for you when you need it most, just keep your eyes wide open!

You are an Empath!

People who are Psychic are extremely sensitive to others’ emotions and tend to avoid any negativity to live in a state of peace. It is quite possible you can feel someone else’s pain or joy. Now that is an epic concept! The difficulty with living as an Empath is that you may feel constantly exhausted, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes when an Empath is in overdrive, they will experience difficulty sleeping, concentrating, develop headaches and many physical symptoms, due to the ability of being able to pick up emotions surrounding you. This causes the need to recharge and mentally disconnect. Empaths must make it a mindful effort to manage energy to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Yes, that is right, it is time for that spa day!

You know when people are not being honest!

You are like a human lie-detector and can sense when someone is exaggerating or flat out telling you something that is not true. Psychics do not easily trust people for this reason. Once you show a Psychic that you are not authentic, they will not trust you. Psychics can the feel energy of words, actions, and intentions and this makes them keep a small group of friends or family members whom they can trust. Sorry, not sorry!

You may often avoid physical affection or touch!

We all love to feel human touch or physical affection at some point in our lives, and the same is true for Psychics however, Psychics will often pull away or avoid this affectionate behaviour because the exchange of energy can be too overstimulating. This is not because we do not like to be close to others, rather it is an effort to protect our energy and limit the amount of psychic communication or impressions we process. Psychics often like to be alone, or need quiet time to recharge, but do not worry once you are rejuvenated you are ready to socialize!

You have vivid dreams!

Have you ever felt like the dream you experienced was so real that it woke you out of a much needed, and well-deserved, slumber? Turns out, that ‘real’ dream may come true. Dreams are one of the many ways Psychics receive and interpret information. It is a pretty cool concept that you can gather spiritual insight, and that it can actually help you lead your life. through the subconscious mind! Psychics often have a tough time getting consistent and quality sleep due to the increase in energy around them while they sleep either from their psychic dreams, or increased awareness of a spiritual presence. Sounds creepy right? Not really, Psychics kind of get used to it and often desire the connection.

You have a deep connection to nature!

So, you love to be outdoors! You cannot wait until the moment you clock out for the day to get out of that office and into the world’s largest playground. I bet you have always found nature to be the cure-all to every emotion you have ever had, and better yet, you end up feeling happier, calmer, healthier and even more grounded! Add a pet and a plant or two to your surroundings and you have the recipe for a Psychic’s ‘perfect day.’ Having feelings of connection to animals, plants, and even the earth, is all natural for a Psychic. If you can feel the aura of the earth surrounding you, you indeed are experiencing a Psychic connection. Every Psychic knows that nature is a sure-fire way to clear and reset your energy, and it is the easiest too!

You are influenced by an eclipse, full moon, and solar flares!

Have you ever felt ‘off’ and then noticed that it was a full moon? It is likely you are Psychic if you are energetically influenced by full moon, solar flares, an eclipse, or other events. These events often create havoc, or enlightenment, with Psychics because of the increased awareness, premonitions, vivid dreams, increased energy sensitivities such as headaches, vertigo, exhaustion, anxiousness, trouble focusing, etc. Once you really accept your Psychic ability, you will find that you are circling all the full moons on your calendar so you can prepare for the days leading up to and beyond these events for a more balanced and grounded energy.

You have trouble fitting in or finding your community!

Have you ever been told you are “too sensitive”? Psychics want to inspire love in the world, and among those around them, and often want others to sense their intentions but, this can leave others pulling away because they do not know how to connect on such an intimate level. Being authentic and expecting others to show the same level of authenticity can create challenges in achieving real and true relationships, leaving you feel like you do not fit in or do not have a support system of people who understand and just ‘get’ you.

If you are having the biggest ah-ha moment of your life right now, then you may be Psychic! Awareness is the first step and can be a catalyst for a life of clarity and insight! You owe it to yourself to experience the true potential of your Psychic awakening so you can live in alignment with your authentic purpose!

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The Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th

The Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th

What exactly is The Lion’s Gate portal, you ask? In a nutshell, it is the alignment of planets and stars. Every year on August 8th the sun is in Leo, and Orion’s belt, the star Sirius, and the Earth all fall into alignment. This creates powerful energy, ripe for us to use while manifesting.

By now most people know what it means when they are told they can manifest their dreams into reality. For those of you who are still a little unsure of what manifesting is: in basic terms, it means “what you think about, you bring about! Throughout the year, we have many opportune times to harness the best energy to assist in expediting our dreams into reality! Those times are presented every month during each New and Full moon.

In addition to that, we typically have 3 Mercury Retrogrades a year, which are also opportune times to connect to optimal manifestation energy. But only once a year, do we have “The Lion’s Gate Portal”! Each year on August 8th, we have an incredible opportunity to manifest our hearts’ desires. This is all thanks to the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal.

With the lion (Leo) coming from the sun, it is thought that this planetary alignment creates a potent portal for manifestations to take place.

As an astrologer and holistic psychiatrist  Kayse Budd, MD notes, “During the Lion’s Gate portal, Sirius separates sufficiently from the sun to come into view. Since Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky, some ancient (and even current) mystics believed it infuses the earth with extra energy and light.”

She adds that ancient Egyptians worshipped Sirius as the goddess Sopdet, celebrating Sirius’ return in the morning sky as the start of the farming season and the beginning of a new year. “Healers and teachers in certain new age communities believe the energy coming from Sirius contains special elevating or activating energy that can help the Earth and her people evolve,” she says.

Taking the significance of the number eight into account, Budd shares that in astrology, it stands out most in terms of the houses and signs of the zodiac.

“The eighth house and eighth sign of the zodiac belong to Scorpio, so astrologically, eight has connections to power, transformation, energy, passion, and sexuality—all Scorpio themes,” she explains.

Eight also corresponds to the Strength card in the traditional tarot deck; this card features a woman calmly interacting with a lion, with an infinity symbol above her head. “Thus, the number eight also has esoteric symbolic connections to strength and to the lion,” Budd says.

Budd adds that eight is connected with achievement, goals, and the intersection of the spiritual and physical dimensions, signified by the interlocking circles of “8,” or the infinity symbol. “Those born under life path number are thought to be here to master the integration of spirit into matter,” she says, adding that similar to its tarot meaning, eight represents strength in numerology.

How to make the most of this energy!

Here’s what Budd and Kaerhart recommend doing the next time the Lion’s Gate portal opens:

 1. Lean into your inner Leo

The Lion’s Gate portal occurs during Leo season, and specifically, around the peak of Leo season, amplifying the themes of this zodiac sign. As such, Budd recommends tapping into your inner Leo—whether you were born under this sign or not!

“The sign of Leo contains and represents love, generosity, leadership, and creativity. When the sun is Leo, the entire world benefits from an infusion of these energies,” she explains, adding, “I think the best way to make the most of the Lion’s Gate is to do Leo things and aim to intensify the natural energy of the moment as much as possible.”

2. Focus on love

In addition to stoking your inner Leo, Budd says this is an excellent time to focus on love. “Love is a key part of Leo, and of the potential of the Lion’s Gate, as I see it,” she notes. Considered to be an energetic “portal,” the Lion’s Gate can connect you to the portal in your own heart, she explains.

“Do things that bring joy during and just before the Lion’s Gate to open and expand your heart,” Budd recommends.

3. Prepare for massive shifts

According to Kaerhart, the Lion’s Gate portal is also a good time to “examine how you’re currently exerting your power and consider the type of power you’d like to yield in the future.” This makes it an opportunity to start manifesting what you want to call in. Just don’t act rashly or focus on short-term gains, she adds, as eight represents the number of infinity. “Instead, use your energy wisely and trust that rapid growth is in store, preparing for blast-off,” she says.

4. Tap into your spiritual side

This portal is a potent spiritual time, and tapping into your own spiritual world will amplify this energy. Budd says now’s a chance to do your favorite spiritual activities—especially in a group, which can magnify positive energy and intentions.

“Getting together for ceremonies, meditations, chanting, yoga, dance, art, time in nature, etc., can amplify the energy of the Lion’s Gate,” Budd explains.

5. Practice gratitude

And last but certainly not least, Budd also recommends practicing plenty of gratitude around this time, as well as sending your love into the universe. “You can do this in meditation, in prayer, in dance, with a ritual, with a journal—however it occurs to you,” she says.

When you send your love to the Universe, she adds, it will most likely come back to your doubled, tripled, or more. “I look at the Lion’s Gate (and Leo Season, in general) as a time to build up my stores of love, joy, and gratitude. It is a time and a season for discovering what the self can really do,” Budd says.

In conclusion, this is one of the best times of the year to put your best foot forward in life to bring all your desires to fruition. But remember that manifesting works both in positive and negative ways. It is what your think about that you bring about. If you are miserable on Aug 8 and only think of all the negative in your life, guess what you will be manifesting more of! So, no matter what you do stay focused on only the wonderful desires you have. Make it a day full of joy and endearment, love and gratitude!

You can start planning now.   Remember to stay shiny!