Overcome the Fear of Visibility

Overcome the Fear of Visibility

Are you avoiding “showing up” as a Lightworker entrepreneur? Putting yourself out there can be a very scary step for many people. We often create negative thoughts in our head such as; “What if no one will believe in me?“ or “What if no one likes me?” or “This industry is saturated, what if no one follows me or resonates with my message?” and “What if I am rejected?”. For people who are fearful or reluctant to become visible, their mind subconsciously halts them in their tracks because the thought of being vulnerable to criticism is terrifying. Do you find yourself struggling with a fear of being visible? Read below to find out how you can overcome your fear and start showing up as a Lightworker entrepreneur courageously and confidently!

Awareness- When someone rejects you, questions you, or treats you poorly, what do you do? Be aware that other people’s actions are a direct indication of their limits, wounds, traumas, and beliefs. Although easier said than done — try not to take it personally. If you catch yourself doubting your value, it’s important to remember that your self worth is not determined by their expectations or judgements. Their actions are completely unrelated to you! Positive affirmations of your value should promote a healthy relationship with your inner self while also giving you the opportunity to embrace and appreciate who you are.

Self-Acceptance- Attempt to really focus on what is making you feel this fear. Could you have unhealed wounds that need to mend in order for you to grow? If so, the quicker that you address what’s holding you hostage, the easier it’ll be to overcome the fear of visibility. Although taking the step to becoming more visible is profoundly positive, it’s also just as important to be realistic and honest with our expectations. Putting yourself out there is an enormous victory that should be celebrated however, it does not mean you aren’t fearful to do so. Feeling scared and vulnerable is never easy, but the more you practice accepting your vulnerability for what it is, the more joy you’ll be able to experience!

Empowerment- Take off your mask and own your role in life! When you are stuck in the pattern of hiding your authenticity, bringing your whole self to the table can be challenging. Living the life you truly want is all about trusting yourself and the purpose you have! The truth is, you are never going to be a perfect fit for everyone and everything. The more defined and openly visible you are, the more you will attract like minded people who accept you for who you are, and give you the confidence to continue sticking to your niche!

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your purpose and embrace your authentic joy! Conforming yourself to fit others expectations only diminishes the confidence needed to love unapologetically. I believe that you have it in you to overcome your fear, but keep in mind that action is key. Now that you’ve learned how to crush the fear you’re experiencing and have committed to being more visible, it’s time to do your job and find joy!

Let me help you develop goals and a plan to help you become visible and shine your light as an entrepreneur!

Is It Ego or Intuition?

Is It Ego or Intuition?

We have all heard about that little voice that lives inside of our head that seems to be a separate entity, speaking up when unasked.

Though how is someone to differentiate between self-doubt mounting, just being a naysayer that particular day, old paradigms, actual truth, what Mama used to say, or if we are being unnecessarily alarmed? How are we to know if we are receiving important guidance sent from a higher realm?

According to Success Consciousness, we have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Other experts estimate a smaller number, of 50,000 thoughts per day [in the 1990’s the number was said to be much less]. Whether we have 50,000 or 80,000 thoughts, that is a lot of information cycling through our minds all day, every day – and then there is that little voice to contend with.

In general, human beings are inclined to be suspicious of things that are intangible or unseen. Our vision is limited to seeing about one percent of the visible light spectrum that exists. This is because we have natural lenses that filter out more than realized.

There is an exception – people with a condition, known as Aphakia, possess ultraviolet vision.

The point of sharing this is that we do not see or know of the better part of 99 percent of our world. This has bearing on our consciousness, considering the majority of our existence is literally unseen. Yet many people still hold to the maxim, “I have to see it to believe it.”

So, how are we to know what is driving that little voice? Let’s consider that our ego causes us to vacillate, pay attention to the need for security or have fluctuations in our own self beliefs; that voice is very loud. We could look at psychological tendencies and reasons, though for this writing the focus is solely about mind/spirit connection.

Our egos are often very much tied in to who our influencers were in our youth, information that was digested, doubt, opinion of self, and so on.

Conversely, intuition is all about steadiness, creativity, kindness, being positive, abstract ideas and being confident. Intuitive messages, be they a little voice resulting from our higher consciousness or from angels whispering in our ears, may be conveyed with lack of reason [usually this is the case], though the knowing along with any emotional state that arises are quite soft, yet persistent.

That little voice from our intuition is simply prompted from the all-knowing universe wanting to communicate with us when something is important enough to be heard. At other times it is purely to nudge us towards looking inward more frequently to reveal a better connection between ourselves and the universe. By the way, if there is judgment attached to that little voice, then it is surely the ego speaking out.

Begin to recognize if that little voice is there supporting or if it is there undermining. If the feelings that come up alongside the little voice are curious, excited, different, abstract in nature, sweet, funny or surprising then it is most likely your intuition is speaking.

In life we have so many areas of expertise to master. We always have the power to choose what we will give our consideration to. When it comes to gaining better access to our intuition, it is beyond worthy of our attention. I can say that by listening to my little voice my life has been saved a couple of times; others have told me that their life had been saved because of what came forth in a session together.

According to Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. Perhaps we should follow his lead.

More Than We See

More Than We See

“I am not worried. I love you,” he said cheerfully. “Claire, I love you.” That second very direct declaration of love left her with foreboding and an absolute knowing without a doubt that something was not right.

She couldn’t identify the specifics but wanted to call him back and say, “Dad, maybe you should put off your surgery.” But she felt that if it was said he would definitely cancel the procedure.

She pondered what if the next day he went about his ordinary activities and had an embolism? Would it be better or worse than this knowing that something awful was about to happen and have no control over it?

There was no correct answer.

The next morning he went forward as planned and had his scheduled procedure; things went awry from there. One surgery became three surgeries in less than 24 hours, prognosis bleak . . . a day and a half later, he was gone.

The characters and the precise medical situation have been slightly altered for anonymity, though this sad fable is true.

Intuition and psychic ability may put you in a position of how do you know but not tell anyone what you know. So much of our perceptions, precognition or clairsentience benefits us by giving us an opportunity to change an outcome of a situation or at times prevent something from developing. Though, there are many moments when “the knowing” is not for anyone else other than the person divining the information. It is in those moments that the universe at large is preparing you for an inevitable result that will prevail.

What of when blurting out something awful to a good friend, a coworker or neighbor about an occasion or event they are happy about such as a marriage or a pregnancy?

Quite a few years back I blurted out something awful [way before I knew it was possible to have control over such things]. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I was horrified. My friend was shocked and dismayed to hear such words of negativity from me. Decades later she, confessed that my outburst really helped her, because she was then prepared to deal with her miscarriage to come.

The whole consciousness of hearing, feeling, knowing, and perceiving being elevated is not an exact science. This does not mean that if you know something that you could not conceivably know that you must share it. It simply means that you are the master/mistress of your own destiny and you can make the tough decisions. You get to use your wisdom and conscience.

Examining all of the many gifts we are given, we begin to understand that once we recognize that we have a gift we are then charged with the unraveling task of understanding it and using it [wisely]. The obviously needed companion manual to the gift does not seem to be available. It is left to the individual to make the tough decisions, as well be able to handle the fall out when things do not go smoothly.

Those whom have a strong sense of these elevated gifts are living their life’s path even if it appears arduous at times and even if it is overwhelming at times.

No matter if you are a Sensitive or a Clairvoyant or have another psy-gift, you will occasionally need to let go of expectations. You will find that quite often you need to have faith that all is and will be well contrary to what life is showing you in the moment.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” Be gentle with you.

Self-Help Guru Understood Intuition

Self-Help Guru Understood Intuition

Those of an early era may be more acquainted with Napoleon Hill more over than those born later. Nevertheless, there has been such worldwide acclaim for Mr. Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich,” that even if you weren’t familiar with the author you have likely heard of the book or know someone who has read it.

For clarity sake, Oliver Napoleon Hill was born in the late 1800s; an American self-help author, man of industry and a prolific educator.

He is known best for his previously mentioned book, published in 1937; among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time.

Hill was insistent that intensely passionate expectations are essential to improving one’s life. He also was very much a believer in being guided by his intuition especially through a Master Mind. The Master Mind that is referenced in so many of his writings may just be the hidden asset that we all should be using and perhaps have known about all along.

Mr. Hill believed that, “when several people regularly meet in a spirit of community and mutual support – there can be no divisiveness in the Master Mind – it will level-up the creativity, intuition, and mental faculties of each participant.”

He makes mention of this often in his writings. He believed there was a psychic phase of the Master Mind; this was akin to energy merging with that of others to intensify a group’s intuitions, ideas and insights.

In 2021, we see Master Mind groups and classes being offered everywhere; especially if one has interaction with the internet. One needs simply to use their computer or phone to find an offering of how life may be improved with a Master Mind philosophy and or program.

Mr. Hill wrote, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” He also was known to say, “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”

There is much to be said on the subject of, what is thought about, is brought about. As humans we emit a kinetic energy that brings attention to that which is focused upon. Additionally, if attention is constantly pointed in a specific direction, one expects to see results. Mr. Hill obviously experienced this on a regular basis.

Like so many that came before him, Mr. Hill’s attention was not solely upon his accomplishing goals for his own sake and benefit. He understood that being in harmony with others connects us with divine providence.

He understood that we are not mere flesh and blood and that there are powers bestowed upon us at birth. It is always a matter of an individual being ready to acknowledge their natural born gifts and committing to the realization of what these gifts offer when employed.

If one can deeply connect with another for the benefit of all, it is as if a light suddenly shines upon each within the group instilling them with a more enlightened guidance system.

This advances their internal, operating intuitive system that they did not previously recognize though always possessed. If not in a Master Mind, they may have not ever had the fortuitous awareness.

We tend to notice this best when in a house of worship, during group meditation and other rituals such as Yoga. As a group there is wisdom along with a deep emotional bond that wells up during a ceremony filling us in a way we do not detect elsewhere or when alone.

One’s awareness, intuition and desires are not limited to sole determination; they are attainable within a Master Mind as the Guru knew.

Prayer for Intuition

Prayer for Intuition

It feels like the appropriate moment to share and possibly suggest something a little unexpected about your ability to unite with a higher realm of consciousness using prayer for intuition. Considering all the choices for vaccines and supplements to stay healthy, if you were confident that your intuition was true, and that the Divine was directing your moves, you might just be led towards a better path of wellness.

Spiritual Life Coach & Author Michelle Mullady believes as I do, that we can open ourselves to our psychic/intuitive knowing through prayer. She shares her story; love and transformation at her website, MichelleMullady.com and in workshops. The following, ‘Prayer for Enhancing Your Intuition’ is found on her blog and is an excellent example for those uncertain as to how you would begin using prayer in this fashion.

“Beloved Angels and Divine Creator,

I open my heart to you and ask that you support me to fully and freely experience your presence in my life. Please lighten my path and direct my steps. Please guide me to clearly hear, feel, and understand my intuition. I am aware that you communicate to me through this channel, and I wholeheartedly desire to strengthen this connection to the wisdom of my true Self. Thank you for helping me to rise above any fear or lack of confidence that I may have that prevents me from recognizing my inner voice. Help me to feel safe and empowered as I learn to decipher the ways my intuition tries to speak to me so that I am able to honor red flags and avoid people and situations that do not serve my best interest. I know that this silent super power is a blessing that is always available to me. My finest work, most excellent moments, and profound bliss will occur when I’m grounded and centered, listening to and faithfully trusting myself, allowing my heart and soul to guide me. My highest good happens when I allow myself to fully, completely, and in love, be led by my intuition. I am ready to access this gift, angels, and to use it to create a happier and more balanced life. And so it is … Amen!”

As you can see this prayer is not pleading, but affirming; and may be considered inclusive for a myriad of beliefs systems. Though my feeling has always been that we should look at a prayer as being similar to singing a song- It should be made our own.

Throughout the years it has become quite apparent that as individuals no matter our upbringing we each have our own inner language which we adhere to. Using our own language can only enhance our prayer experience along with our expected outcome of a deeper connection to the Divine with heightened intuition.

Altered states of consciousness often take place while in prayer. Many people express feelings of peace and love, on occasion the word elation is used. Answers to unsolved problems seem to all of a sudden come forth and a deep knowing that we are not alone is often the most valuable. Understanding that any time we commune with the Divine we open ourselves up to receiving higher wisdom and healing should be a given. However it is not something that we speak about all that readily. We mere mortals are really not so meager. We are created in the likeness and image of the Divine. We are made up of the same stuff as all those we find to be greater than ourselves with special abilities, and yet we have equal gifts of creation, intuition and the propensity to reach higher if we desire it.

Ask for your intuitive doorway while in prayer and see where it leads.

Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Combining a spiritual life into the entrepreneurship world may be challenging to psychics and to those who are energetically sensitive. When entering the world of business, you may find yourself surprised with the frequency of ethical dilemmas you may face, as you navigate what you feel is right and what is actually being experienced. Psychics that become entrepreneurs will experience resistance in business as your Shadow Self may show you parts of yourself you have denied until now. Although your spiritual self possesses very healing and affirming traits, the business environment presents many formidable challenges that can be sensitive to a psychic.

Take a look below to find out the 5 reasons psychics struggle with the business:

Are you sensitive to the judgments, projections and feelings around you? As a psychic, you often sense information and energy before others which makes confronting your own reality challenging, especially in regards to your self worth. Being a psychic is who you are, you were naturally born with the ability, you may question how valuable your gift truly is.

Putting a price on such a gifted ability may feel very earnest, yet it’s important because it determines how much revenue you will drive. As an empath soul, you want to be able to provide clarity and guidance to those who are in need however, the pricing aspect of the Holistic business may be daunting. Many psychics fear that by putting a price on their natural ability, the goal of helping others on their spiritual journey may become impersonal due to the financial aspect.

Energy Overload
Passionate psychics want to be able to provide a meaningful experience for their clients that has a purposeful outcome. When you are an entrepreneurial psychic, sometimes regularly connecting to spiritual energy, may become exhausting and lead to the feeling of dread when performing services. The idea of needing to see many clients in a day to sustain a practical income can be energy consuming. Practicing the “quality over quantity” approach and pricing your fees appropriately will benefit you as a psychic.

Judgement and Negative Energy
When forging your own path and stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially by starting a business as a psychic or Holistic healer, you may face judgment from clientele as well as other psychics who view your business as competition. The world needs what you have to offer! Own it instead of making yourself smaller to conform to other people’s expectations of you.

Fear of Visibility
Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel that you lack the brains, the courage, and the creativity? Chances are, what you’re feeling is a normal part of the journey as a psychic worker! We are predominately wired with fear. You may find it challenging to further pursue a Holistic business because of fearing of not being accepted in society. Putting yourself out into the cut-throat entrepreneur world while also being energy sensitive, can lead you to feeling as if you’re on unsteady ground.

I’m here to tell you that you can balance your own spirituality with your psychic business! Don’t wait your entire life to start your entrepreneurship journey because of reservations and fear you may be having. Search for the calm within the chaos, lessen the worry by continuing moving forward regardless of the adversity!

Want to learn more about embracing life as a psychic entrepreneur? Join us, we can help!