Surviving Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

Surviving Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

Heads up, just a little reminder about the Mercury Retrograde. It may not be top of the list at the beginning of the month but it sure will be by the end of April. For those of you just learning about this I want to bring you up to speed on what to expect. If you “Google” it, you will read: Mercury is in retrograde when it appears to go backward in its orbit. This optical illusion occurs multiple times a year because it takes just 88 days for Mercury to circle the sun, compared to Earth’s 365 days. But is that really enough to explain to someone what it really means when this planet goes retrograde?

For those of us in the know, we cringe a little when we hear that Mercury is about to go retrograde, and in a race against the clock most of us race to back up all our computer files and ensure that all the updates are done on our phones or any other electronics so that we don’t get caught out by mercury’s amazing negative effect on any type of communication equipment. The planet Mercury represents communication. We can also start to experience the disconnect when it comes to verbal or written communication. It can sometimes feel like we are speaking a foreign language or even worse others are not making any sense to us.

To say this can be a frustrating time would be an understatement. This Mercury Retrograde starts on April 21st and is due to finish on May 14th. This time she is appearing in the Earth sign of Taurus. Why does that even matter? Well, Taurus represents some specific positive and negative traits. For example, Taurus energy is very materialistic, they also tend to take a natural approach in life and are known to be financially responsible, hold strong values, and like to be in the power seat where all are concerned. They are quietly outgoing, known to be passively enthusiastic, and are known to be ambitious, and typically very successful in all of their endeavors. They are smart, in fact, they tend to be the ones everyone is drawn to because they typically have a calm level-headed demeanor (most of the time).

Expect to take a good long look at your finances and business goals during this period. Take inventory of your habits and discover where you need improvement whether it is in focusing better on the upcoming summer spending spree or possibly adjusting plans to suit Taurus’s frugal future plans. Either way, taking time to review this before the retrograde can only support a peaceful month and quite possibly offer us all room for improvement in our lifestyles. However, there is some really good news during this time. Mercury forms some potent aspects with Saturn in Pisces, and this combination of energies offers us a mental clarity not felt for some time. So, you can expect to feel more focused and determined as Saturn is the planet of commitments. She also favors routine and in general good ole fashioned hard work. All of which will happen to be more effortless during the period when Mercury shifts Direct in mid-May.

By which point we will once again feel a good sense of judgment when it comes to making decisions again. Expect relationships of all kinds, Partnerships, friends, family, and colleagues to go through the verbal Olympics this month. Now I should point out that this is not all gloom and doom. Most of us will experience frustration for sure but the beauty of the Mercury retrograde is that it allows us to hit the reset button in all areas of our life. Which is always a blessing, but like most you likely won’t see that in the beginning. It will feel like the universe is out to get you at first. Just remember that anything that appears this month is absolutely in your best interest.

Take each situation in stride as it appears before you. The great thing about this event is that even though you may have to go back to the drawing board in some areas of your life, you will soon discover gratitude because ultimately it was exactly what you needed to do anyway. This combination of excitable energy can giveth and taketh away on a whim so be sure to keep a record of all that you are working on. Also ask for everything you are tasked to do, to be put into writing so you have a backup in case things go south quickly. It’s worth adding that the next Mercury retrograde isn’t due to happen until Aug 23rd to Sept 15th so mark your calendars. This will be in the sign of Virgo. Which is basically textbook Mercury retrograde energy because Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet. Expect this one to be all about information and communication.

Back to the upcoming retrograde this month you can expect the unexpected in terms of heated discussions. Bulls are prone to anger easily and once enraged can be very scary to those of us who may be a little sensitive to this type of aggressive energy. But with that being the worst of the worst to expect the flip side is that Taurus are usually fair and have strong desire for social and corporate stability so you will see major events happening within big corporations and mom and pop shops alike. More equality in the workforce can be expected and social changes as the result of possible uprisings during this time. Those who are to materialistic or stubborn when things don’t go their way will be exposed for this and therefore ensure a positive change.

So, how do you survive and thrive the next few weeks? By accepting your path and embracing the lessons offered to you. Search long enough and you will find the power in making the best out of a bad situation. Absolutely, do not shy away from others during this time. It is the perfect time to revisit your fixed beliefs and allow others who can offer their opinion on the topics you find stimulating. Expect to find more clarity to help you with a go forward action plan for the future. Backup all your important documents, and devices. Also take care of maintenance of your transportation whether it is your shoes, bike or car, now is the time to ensure all are in good repair. Delays are inevitable at this time, which will trigger frustration and can often feel confusing adding to your “WHY ME” victim energy.

Remember, acceptance is key now more than ever. And wherever you can, seek out calm and peace and by doing so you will be making the intention to heal yourself rather than wallow in self-pity. Once you have dealt with any unruly situations that arise, release and let go. Spend this month in contemplation to allow you to arrive at the next phase of your destiny.  But above all else, it is time to then focus on what brings you joy.

Remember it is up to you to stay shiny my friends!

9 Tips to Spring Clean Your Soul

9 Tips to Spring Clean Your Soul

Now that spring has arrived, April and May bring about an energy of cleansing. As the earth begins to regenerate and all the plants wake up from their winter slumber and start to poke their little heads toward the sun it reminds me to do the same for my own soul. 

The winter hibernation may have been especially hard this year for some due to many factors, but each chink in your armor that has been affected really stands out as the sun begins to appear longer each day as we inch toward the dog days of summer. The exposure to the battle wounds this long winter may have presented to each of us may be feeling a little overwhelming, to say the least. So, we must take responsibility to shine up our battered armor as we loosen the need for them in the first place. 

Here are 9 tips that I follow every Spring that will help cleanse your soul!

#1 Taking Stock of Your Life!

Start by taking stock of where you are at in your life! This can be a quick “taking ownership” type of exercise or a slow and tumultuous one. Either way, it will be as you wish it to be. The great news is you are the one in charge of the entire process, so you get to choose not only the rules but also the mood in which you choose as you embark on this journey. A quick pointer though, either way, you chose they both lead down the same path as the other. However, one of the paths is a lot more enjoyable than the other. I think you can safely guess which one that is.

#2 Where do you need to expand in your life?

The next step is to recognize where you need to expand your horizons. So, if you are not where you want to be, what do you need to do differently to get you there? If your default answer is “I do not know the answer right now” or “This is too hard to handle right now”, please promptly take yourself back to #1 and restart the exercise. However, if you are fully aware of what needs to transpire in order to expand your life, implement these items into action asap. 

#3 Do not delay, it is time for action!

Now that you know what needs to be done you must take immediate and deliberate action toward these goals. The worst thing you could do right now is pause! By delaying this energy, you are essentially putting out your own energetic flame. Which is the opposite of cleansing in fact you will be adding more energetic stuff to clear. And no one has time for that!  So, what does immediate and deliberate action really mean? In a nutshell, it means a commitment to something! It is the ultimate proof that you are speaking your truth. Just relax and trust the process, but yes you will need to put some skin in the game.  

#4 Release yourself from FEAR!

A quick reminder that FEAR equals “False Evidence Appearing Real”! So, why do we let it rule our lives so much? The kind of cleanse your soul needs at this moment is some serious letting go of what you think others think of you! If you are struck by this hang-up in this process stop what you are doing and go back to #1 and start over again. Just kidding, no need to do that unless it is intense fear. The fear of what others think of us is the #1 way to stop any great project in its tracks & or delay it. I promise your soul, right now that if you allow this to take hold and germinate it will become the biggest weed in your garden. And it will outshine and outlast any other seed you sow. Release and let go, and then run toward those things that scare you the most! You will be pleasantly surprised that you did! Especially when you realize that the dragon you conjured up in your mind was actually just your vivid imagination.

#5 Maintaining your sense of Joy!

This is a lot harder than it sounds but once you practice mindfulness in this area, it gets easier as you go.  If what you are doing does not bring you joy anymore, pay close attention because that is your soul’s signal to you that something is no longer working for you. I have come to realize that we have a hard time pretending to our souls that we are happy when we are not. But we will play out the role of a captain going down with his sinking ship beautifully. Please do not fight or resist this. In fact, simply embracing that you are not happy is the first step towards the changes required to regain your own happiness. I always say when we can own it, we can grow from it!

#6 Recalibrate your vibration!

Are people running towards you or away from you? This is a doozy of a question to ask yourself especially as a light worker! If you are not sure of the answer, pay attention to the energy you feel from others. Are they trying to help and or are they offering to support you? Chances are if this is the case, your energy is in balance of give and take energy.  However, if you are feeling others pull away or avoid you it is likely something has shifted. This is not an altogether terrible thing, but it is a nod from the universe to sit up and take notice you may be out of balance. Be sure to meditate and practice grounding rituals to support the recalibration of your energy and raise your vibration. 

#7 Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of us all?

Doing mirror work is an important exercise to help you fall back in love with yourself. We have all glanced in a mirror from time to time and thought Omg, where did that gray come from? or Seriously is that a new wrinkle! I get it, getting older can be unsettling. But do you know what is worse than that, thinking that you are not as beautiful as the vibration you are omitting. Nothing makes a person’s vibration take a sharp decline more than one falling out of love with one’s appearance. I am not talking about the small silly things, I am talking about the ability to look in a mirror and be grateful for every scar, wrinkle, & gray hair that takes center stage on your face or body. You must study yourself to truly appreciate your own beauty if you are to expect others to see this within you. Wisdom does not come without battle scars, own them and love every inch of your shell. It is after all, not what represents you in other’s eyes, it is in fact your energy that proceeds you, so it is important you are aligned with your image. To ensure that there is no confusion for the world when connecting to your wisdom.

#8 Speak your truth!

Always and I repeat always speak your truth! Now this is one of the harder things for people to maintain. Especially lightworkers because we feel we need to soften the message we share so as to not offend others. This is a big part of the SPRING CLEANSE! In order to become aligned with your spiritual wisdom we must first accept what we see, feel, hear, and know! By changing the message to soften it for others we have now changed the direction of what wisdom we were meant to give. It is vital that you share the truth, because then you can only attract the truth to you. Remember to always speak with your heart and from a love vibration when sharing your truth. 

#9 Scan yourself for any Psychic Attack energy!

If you are always exhausted, having trouble sleeping, you are on and off sick with colds or headaches, can’t seem to function as normal for an extended period of time, you feel depressed but not really sure why, and no matter what you do you cannot seem to shake these feelings. Chances are you are or have been under attack! Now before you get your knickers in a twist, this may or may not be an intentional thing. It could be a friend or family member who is just jealous of you, your energy, life, situation, abundance, you name it. Little do they know the power of their envy. First scan to see if this is the likely culprit. If this is not connecting the dots perhaps it is something a little more sinister in nature. You may have had a falling out with someone, or been attacked verbally or silently through undermining you, either way you feel it and now it’s time to stop it. First remove your energy from the situation, do this by releasing yourself of the obligation to be invested in the victim energy it promotes. Then start by cutting energetic cords to those you know of that are being negative towards you. Then do a blanket cord cutting of all those who are sending negative or harmful energies in my direction. State that you wish to send them only the highest purest loving energy in return.

By going through this spring cleanse, I am confident you will feel lighter in your step and happier in your soul! May all the seeds you plant this spring enable your soul to grow to the height of your dreams within. 

I cannot wait to feel your vibration shift, stay shiny gorgeous souls.


10 Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening

10 Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening

There is a term often discussed and diagnosed in spiritual circles called “The Spiritual Awakening” it refers to a person going through the mildly unnerving crisis of “who am I, and why am I here?” It can become somewhat exciting too as the one experiencing this awakening suddenly begins to feel very much alive for the first time in their lives.

It was Carl Jung who brought us to this awareness. He described this process as coming back into your original self. Usually, a life-changing event will cause or trigger a spiritual awakening, but it can also be brought on by a person being completely fed up with their life’s path, and one day Boom, they become open to another way of thinking.

It’s mostly spontaneous events such as a move, relationship collapse, being fired, or an illness just to name a few events that will cause us to re-evaluate our life experience thus far and start us on the road to pondering our lives from a more spiritual perspective.

Thoughts like: Do I need this job? I always feel repressed doing it. Or Awareness like: that marriage was caustic. I wonder why I tolerated that for as long as I did. Or Realizations like: I nearly died in that accident, what have I accomplished in my life so far? Or I have to be a better person now, and I need to be more supportive of those around me. Whatever it is that triggers you when it happens, it certainly is a major deal to those going through it!  And it can be even more confusing to those connected to them.

Here are 10 signs you might be experiencing a “Spiritual Awakening”.

  1. You feel disconnected or detached from others and your life in general. This is the most overwhelming phase of the process as it can be very confusing. Everything you thought was once true about your life is now a lie and you begin to disconnect from those you normally feel very connected to.
  2. You change direction in your life with little or no fear! You begin to re-evaluate everything you believe in, and as a result, you make some radical changes such as changing to a new job that you are passionate about because it feels like you can make a difference in the world by doing it.
  3. Your intuition is awakening, and you are highly tuned into yourself and others now. This can cause a shift or rift in relationships. It can feel as though no one is speaking your language around you and you begin to recoil from the status quo relationships that no longer serve your new awareness.
  4. Déjà vu plays a major role in your daily life. You think of someone and the next thing you know they are either calling you or you run into them. You also begin to see other signs such as number sequences such as 111, 222 etc. each of these number sequences have special meanings so be sure to google the meanings as you receive these sacred angel messages.
  5. You will become intolerant to those who try to manipulate or behave in inauthentic ways. You will have zero tolerance for lies, as anyone that is not in integrity will feel very uncomfortable to be connected with. Trusting in your intuition becomes heightened, and impossible to ignore.
  6. You just want to be in nature, like all the time. Hugging a tree seems like the right thing to do as an act of gratitude for it giving you oxygen. When you are near water you have a sense of calm come over you. You can suddenly understand animals’ needs as if they are talking telepathically with you. Every living thing has a right to live so moving a worm off of a hot sidewalk becomes your life’s mission.
  7. You begin to see the world differently. It can be downright overwhelming and ego shattering when you begin to see things you can never unsee about this world and all who manage her. You begin to realize that everyone is on their own path and that you can in fact make an impact in the world by becoming who you need to be. Usually this brings on a feeling or urge to be of service to others, animals, planets or the environment as a whole.
  8. You feel a sense of duty that you are happy to oblige. Those you need for enlightenment fall into your lap at just the right time for you. This may come in the form of a spiritual teacher, a stranger or a literal spiritual leader suddenly becoming so shiny you are not able to ignore them.
  9. You will suddenly understand the term Earth Angel intimately. Life suddenly becomes very curious to you again. You will see it from a childlike perspective. This can make you very emotional as your outlook on the world feels quite different than it does to others. This can cause you to feel alienated and lonely at times. But as a result, you will also experience more empathy and compassion towards others and the ways of the world will suddenly start to make more sense as you navigate the turmoil you see everywhere.
  10. You have a new type of energy. Don’t be surprised if you sleep less and have actual physical symptoms such as brain fog and extreme fatigue. It is also common to gain some weight. This happens as a result of subconsciously wanting to ground yourself (making yourself heavier gives the illusion of grounding).

As you can see sadly the path to enlightenment is not all fairies and rainbows as one would hope or expect it be. It is not a path for the light-hearted either. You will change, and evolve, and you will feel the burdens that initially come with the awakening. The good news is they start to wear off as you grow spiritually. The process is not a team sport neither, it is an every-man/woman for themselves event. But do not fret.

A spiritual awakening creates the most beautiful people that have ever existed or who even still exist today. So, if you find that you are on this path yourself. First off, trust yourself to know what you need as well as when you need it, and if you feel stuck pay attention to those who come into your awareness as they are likely those earth angel’s aka teachers who have come to enlighten you.

I am excited to see what your enlightenment brings into the world. Above all else no matter how dire the situation never dim your light for anyone!

Stay shiny always!

Tuning into to Cupid for Self-Love

Tuning into to Cupid for Self-Love

Ah…February,  the month of love, or so we hope.  So many ask and wonder, what is the deal with love anyway? Words cross the lips of every soul at some point in their lives whether asked positively or negatively. Luckily most of us get to experience this through family connections. Those who don’t experience love through family will at some point, and usually early on in life gain this perspective through friendship.  It is the one state of mind that every soul vibrates towards. Love is, after all, the most addictive emotion that we all strive for.

How is it that some people find love so easily, and others suffer from the feeling of lack of love throughout their lives?

In my experience, I have discovered it boils down to two prominent energies. Both of these energies exist within us. They are the most valuable and sacred of energies because they hold the power to make or break us energetically.

The first sacred energy is known as “Self-Love”. Some were taught at an early age that the most important human to nurture is one’s self. Because without this energy it is very difficult to gauge what true love feels like.

But sadly, some of us were never nurtured to understand the importance of self-love. The most likely reason is because of those who raised us. Through no fault of their own in most cases, those who raised you simply did not have this sacred mindset awareness taught to them. Therefore, creating a perpetual lack of self-love cycle until one brave soul (hopefully you) sets out to break that cycle and changes it for the better for the next generation.

Here are a few examples of someone who may not have been taught self-love: if you find that your relationships either in love, friendship, and or family are always one-sided. Maybe you cater to the needs of others around you more than your own. Now, this can be done healthily, however, the person who does not possess self-love will never see their needs as a priority above others and find that they always have to sacrifice their happiness for those around them.

You likely were not taught how to nurture yourself to the fullest let alone at all. You will feel victimized by others’ lack of seeing your needs but instead of doing anything about it, you continue to support them. Or perhaps you have discovered that you are codependent in relationships.

Here are some codependent traits to look for within yourself.

  • Feeling responsible for solving others’ problems;
  • Offering advice even if it isn’t asked for;
  • Poor communication regarding feelings, wants, or needs;
  • Difficulty adjusting to change;
  • Expecting others to do as you say;
  • Difficulty making decisions;
  • Chronic anger;
  • Feeling used and underappreciated.

According to, “codependency is usually rooted in childhood. Often, a child grows up in a home where their emotions are ignored or punished. This emotional neglect can give the child low self-esteem and shame. They may believe their needs are not worth attending to”

I should point out you didn’t have to live through a nefarious childhood to have experienced this, it could have resulted from another family member with an illness that took all of your parents attention, or the loss of a close family member resulting in one or both parents being so overcome by grief there was no room left to support your emotional needs. Regardless of what brought you to this energetic state you suffer none the less.

Does this resonate?  Don’t worry this can be corrected.

The road to recovery from this can be an overwhelming journey because if you have been living without self-love then you have to basically reinvent the wheel in your life. But it can be done and with acceptance that you are worthy of this energy you will discover it will become easier with each passing day. This usually does require a full soul rebuild though!

Start with asking yourself when was the last time you were kind to yourself, put yourself first, forgave yourself? If you have no recollection you are an urgent case, I recommend you seek out a professional counselor to support your healing journey. If this is not something you can consider right now, and or if money is the challenge. Then the only solution is to head down to your local library and start educating yourself through the plethora of self-help and self-improvement knowledge that is ripe for the picking.

Above all else pay attention! Do not avoid this life challenge anymore and make excuses why you don’t need help. Trust me you will be grateful when you overcome this. It is life changing energy literally to love thy self.

The second and biggest culprit in depriving us from love in our life is “FEAR” energy! Fear energy has a way of turning the strongest of us into weak minded, overwhelmed, and guarded against love people. Simply because we are overwhelmed by the fear of loss. When we have had love in our life, and have lost it due to a breakup, an argument that could not be reconciled or god forbid loss of life, it triggers us into a protective energy.

This protective energy can be wonderful temporarily to prevent or save us from danger. But the challenge with fear energy there is nothing temporarily about it sadly. It lingers in our subconsciousness just waiting to reappear.

Don’t get me wrong, fear can be healthy for us too. For example: when we feel danger we often retreat. We have learned to avoid dangerous actions for the most part. We all need not look any further than the struggles that our ancestors had to endure. They had to actively search for shelter and food just to survive to the next day. These primal urges are still within us, but because we no longer struggle to hunt and forage for our food, nor find shelter, these energies have adapted to fit our world today. And the intense FEAR energy has been adapted in other ways.

As a result of this, one of the ways it has evolved for some is to create fear energy into a hyper intensive force that stops them from experiencing the one energy we all require to thrive in life and that is to love and or be loved.

I good news is that you and you alone control your fear energy. Fear equals False Evidence Appearing Real. How do you control an energy that seems so out of your control when you are living in it though?

The best way to control our personal energy, and eradicate fear is to recognize that Fear is an emotion. Just as happiness is an emotion. So is anger, and sadness. All of these are emotions that we create and manifest within ourselves to express feelings.

So, logically you must first recognize that you are feeling fear because you are choosing or creating it of your own free will. That is a big pill to swallow especially because it doesn’t fit into the narrative that others have caused this for you or that you lacked something from others to make you think the way you do. You must take back your power and the quickest and most profound way you can do that is to recognize that you alone can do this through the energies you choose to nurture daily.

What you think about, you bring about, according to Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret”.

  • What you are catering mentally to fear energy – you will feel fear;
  • If you are catering mentally to sad energy – you will feel sad;
  • If you are catering mentally to anger energy – you will feel anger;
  • If you are catering mentally to self-loathing energy – you will feel self-loathing.


  • If you are catering mentally to possibility energy – you will feel possibility;
  • If you are catering mentally to happy energy – you will feel happy;
  • f you are catering mentally to patience energy – you will feel patience;
  • If you are catering to self-love energy – you will feel self-love.

You get the point; change your mindset and you have the power to change your life. Let’s make the month of February “LOVE” all about connecting to you first so that you can be prepared to connect with others on the same energetic playing field.

One of the best ways I have discovered to learn self-love was the journey of evolving and heightening my own personal psychic awareness. Afterall, getting to know yourself is one of life’s greatest mysteries.  I would recommend you consider taking a course to support you on this journey. Here is one that will definitely broaden your psychic awareness – The Psychic Development Course.

There is no greater power on the planet than the one that helps you to control your thoughts.

Stay shiny peeps!

The Intuitive Healing System

The Intuitive Healing System

Intuitive Healing is an ancient practice that uses the power of the mind to heal physical ailments. It has been used for thousands of years by many cultures around the world.

Learn how to use intuition to help you make better decisions.

Intuition is the ability to sense something without being told what it is. In other words, we intuitively know things before we consciously think them through. We often rely on our intuition when making decisions, such as choosing a career path or deciding whether to buy a house. However, we rarely take advantage of its full potential.

The word intuitive means “to know without knowing.” In other words, we can’t always see what’s going on inside us, but we can trust our feelings and instincts to guide us toward health and well-being. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, we often feel disconnected from ourselves. We might be thinking about something that happened months ago, or worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. Our minds can get caught up in negative thoughts and emotions, which can cause us to lose touch with our bodies.

When we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, we often feel disconnected from our inner wisdom. We lose touch with our intuition, which is why we tend to make poor choices.

In order to learn how to use intuition to make better decisions, we must first understand what intuition is. Intuition is our natural ability to know things without using conscious thought. We often think of intuition as being something mystical, but it is really just a form of knowing. We can learn to tap into our intuition and use it to guide us in making decisions.

The idea behind intuitive healing is simple: if we know what our body needs, then we can take steps to get those things into our bodies. For example, if we know that we need more water, we can drink more water. If we know that we need to eat healthier foods, we can choose to eat healthier foods. And if we know that we want to be happier, we can work towards being happier.

The first step in using intuition is to become aware of what is going on inside your body. You can do this by paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Once you become aware of what is happening inside your body, you can then choose to act upon those things. For example, if you notice that you feel tired, you might decide to take a nap instead of working overtime. Or, if you notice that your stomach hurts, you could go home and eat something light.

Ever wonder why we crave certain foods? I remember craving potassium rich baked potatoes, only to learn shortly after that my body was depleted of that specific mineral.  Your intuition will naturally make you feel how you need to, or draw you to what it is that you need to help you restore and balance yourself.

Don’t worry, your intuitive self has you covered and will alert you in your time of need! Pay attention and trust the signs.  It will only help you make wiser choices moving ahead, helping you to achieve a happier and healthier you!

Why You Need An Empowerment Coach

Why You Need An Empowerment Coach

Have you ever experienced the feeling of running in one spot, working so hard to move forward but not going anywhere? Have you felt like you’re constantly moving one step forward and then two steps backward? Or maybe you are stuck in a “Groundhog Day” scenario, reliving the same day over, and over, and over again? These are just a few examples of things an Empowerment Coach can help you overcome!

Empowerment Coaches are Life Coaches who specialize in helping their clients reach their full potential by providing guidance and support in the client’s self-empowerment journey. Becoming empowered is essential to taking back control of your life and creating the life you desire. When we are disempowered, we become stuck. We become disconnected from our true and authentic selves. This keeps us trapped in cycles of fear, anxiety, false belief systems, and negative thinking habits. When we sit in this energy for too long it becomes stagnant. It is this stagnant negative energy that keeps us feeling small and stuck, unable to progress and move forward. Once we become empowered, we gain clarity on our path in life and are ready to take the steps needed to create positive change and overcome the various challenges we face. Becoming empowered is the key to getting unstuck. With that, it’s no wonder that working with an Empowerment Coach is crucial to your success!

Working with an Empowerment Coach has numerous benefits. Here are just a few things you will experience when you work with an Empowerment Coach!

Banish Stress & Anxiety by Overcoming Mental Blocks
When you begin working with an Empowerment Coach, odds are you will want to focus on where you feel stuck. As you and your coach begin to examine this, you’ll discover that there are mental blocks that are holding you back, keeping you small, and disempowered. These mental blocks are also the root cause of a lot of stress and anxiety. Upon reflection, you will learn to not only see and understand these blocks, but you’ll gain insight on how to challenge them and rise above them!

Discover Your Authentic Self
Once you get into the mindset to challenge your limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and other mental blocks, you’ll start to transform! When you pause to take stock of your beliefs and values and re-frame old limiting and harmful beliefs, you will discover that you may have been living out of alignment with your authentic self. Your Empowerment Coach is here to help you rediscover who you truly are and how to embody the person you want to become!

Improve Relationships
Discovering your authentic self leads you down a road to reevaluating your relationships too. Empowerment Coaches provide a variety of tools that help you to become more mindful and aware of yourself, your feelings, and your surroundings. Not only does this enhance your ability to understand, communicate, and connect with your friends, family, and partner(s) but it also allows you to tune in and explore self-love and self-confidence! One of the most difficult relationships to navigate is the relationship you have with yourself. Working with an Empowerment Coach who holds space for you to heal and grow in your relationship with yourself and others is imperative!

Gain Clarity on Your Life’s Purpose
One of the most common questions asked by my clients is “how do I know what my purpose in life is?”. While an Empowerment Coach can’t directly answer that for you, they are prepared to guide you as you discover your passion, dreams, and skill set that will lead you to the answer. The work you will do during your 1-on-1 coaching will allow you to shift your mindset and see the bigger picture. You will gain the clarity you need to understand where you are being guided as you align with your authentic self!

Unlock Your Full Potential
Empowerment Coaching involves a lot of self-discovery! While it is hard work, your Empowerment Coach is here to guide you, cheer your on, and help light the way as they show you what you are capable of. Just as they saying goes, “what would you attempt if you knew you would not fail”. This is what Empowerment Coaches want to help you discover! What limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you expanding and making the most out of your life? You coach is here to help you release those limiting beliefs and flourish as you take back control of your life and reach your full potential!

Create Happiness
Happiness; something we all strive towards yet seem to struggle with finding. That’s because there is a misconception surrounding this. Happiness isn’t something that we wait for, it doesn’t find us. Happiness is something we have to create, it’s a state of mind, an emotion. It is created through being mindful, and experiencing gratitude. Your Empowerment Coach has so much to teach you, and while they might not directly pitch you a “Secret to Happiness” course, you’ll find that through releasing old and unhelpful habits, becoming more aware and balanced, and aligning with your authentic self and working towards your life’s purpose, you’ve created happiness along the way! One of the many sneaky ways coaches can teach you things without you even knowing!

Let Your Empowerment Coach Light the Way
It’s clear that working with an Empowerment Coach is something everyone can benefit from! While we can still gain insight from reading self-help books and watching YouTube and TikTok videos that give us nuggets of information on how to become empowered, there is nothing quite like the personalized experience that 1-on-1 coaching provides. Each one of us are on our own unique journey, no path is the same. Connecting with an Empowerment Coach is a great way to understand where you are in your own journey and what you specifically need in order to succeed. Discover how to light your path in life and create the life you desire with the help of an Empowerment Coach!