Authentic Holistic Entrepreneur

Authentic Holistic Entrepreneur

When one passionately believes in the work of healers, coaches, mentors, holistic practitioners and conscious entrepreneurs — yet senses a deeper calling within — it may be a sign that spirit is calling you to expand your reach. Do you feel called to serve a larger purpose through holistic healing? It sounds like it is time to start your journey as an authentic Holistic Entreprenuer which will in turn give you the freedom to follow your highest calling.

  1. Speak Your Truth
    Avoid misrepresenting yourself or your services.  When a business falsifies themselves, the consumer loses confidence and in turn searches elsewhere for their desired service. Applying authenticity to your business is frightening due to the fear of rejection, however, the most successful Holisticprenuers exhibit self awareness, mindfulness and self acceptance.
  2. Stay True To Your Mission 
    When businesses have misalignments within, it becomes challenging when defining how they differentiate themselves in the market. As a Holisticprenuer, your mission and values should work together to help you attract your consumers and employees. Once you have your business aligned with your vision, consumers will know who you are, what you offer and what you stand for which will earn you loads of success.
  3. Recognize That You Do Not Have To Please Everyone 
    Sometimes when people ask something of you, you may find yourself saying “Yes” all too often. Without the ability of saying “No”, you will end up running someone else’s business, not your own. By setting boundaries you are respecting yourself as a Holisticprenuer and an individual while also preserving your energy and values.
  4. Accept That You Cannot Help Everyone
    When providing a Holistic service to someone, that individual must be somewhat aligned to your philosophy or spiritual views. Sometimes the connection will lack and instead of trying to conform yourself to fit the needs of that consumer, accept that your journeys may be separate. Trust that when you do make a strong relationship with someone, it is because you both are attracted to each other’s energy and resign with similar beliefs and value systems. Accept that those who come to you will benefit most from the value and experience that only you are able to offer them as a Holisticprenuer.
  5. Slow Down
    Yes, a spurt of hustle mania can light a fire under feet that seem to be dragging, yet the long term effects of hasty actions in your business can be dangerous. It is easy to fall prey to the impulse to rush. Stop, and step back. Instead, plan ahead and establish a strategy that works best for you and your business. Slowing down and making well considered choices can make a significant difference in the success of your business.

There is no “cookie cutter” leader.  Every great leader and Holistic Entreprenuer brings a unique combination of attributes to their business. If there is a key ingredient to becoming successful, it is simply to be yourself.

Taking the Leap of Faith Already!

Taking the Leap of Faith Already!

I am so excited for those of you that listen to your inner guidance and follow the path of success as the three of us did many years ago. I am reminded of the other day when I was chatting with a colleague of mine about “The Psychic Associates’, explaining what the concept of the business is and how it will align with my innermost desire: to support and raise others up to my level of success and then even beyond that. My friend/colleague then shouted with excitement, “this is what you have done since I have known you, in fact Liz, with everyone that knows you, so this is nothing new for you”.

Her comment made me pause. Because, to be honest with you, I thought this was a totally new concept for me, in that I would be truly supporting folks for the first time. But then as I let her comment sink in, I realized she was right. I have been doing this but just on a “one on one” basis for as long as I can remember.

Now with the collaboration between Jay, Amber and myself, we are going to be able to support the masses (YOU) and not just from my own inherited knowledge but from all three of our experiences. Amber, Jay, & I have an aligned destiny to create and offer this amazing platform for those of you either launching or reviving an existing business. We have the collective goal to raise you up for the world to benefit from your gifts.

We see you out there in the world and we also see just how difficult it is to get out of your own way. Fear, overwhelm, confidence and general business know-how are all mitigating factors when it comes to you being successful or just being.

Building this program has allowed me to reminisce on my own personal journey. I have learned to celebrate both the successes and the pitfalls. This was not always the case with regards to the pitfalls. They used to stop me in my tracks. They would cause me to hit the pause button more often than not. This would cause delays in my ability to do what I have clearly been sent here to do. Which I am honoured to say is to support folks like you on your path to success.

During my ascend to where I am now, I had to travel through the gambit of mistakes, lack of awareness in certain areas, and lack of self-confidence as a lone wolf. I did not have the benefit of anyone showing me the way, except other than my guides. At the beginning of my entrepreneur journey, I had serious trust issues with their guidance. I will never forget the constant banter from them to quit my career and do this full time.

Likely, I don’t need to tell you just how strong and persistent those guides messages can be. Let me tell you, I was convinced they were crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy if I dared to listen to them.  But over time and with tons of persuasion from them, I finally took the leap. I can honestly look back and think … wow look at you now! I have come so far, and mostly by sheer determination and grit. Don’t get me wrong, you will need determination and grit just as I did, but unlike me you will be supported on the fastest track to where you want to be.

Like you, our journey continues and now you all get to be a major player in the next phase of it. Just as we get to be major players in your next phase. I look forward to knocking our success balls out of the park together. All while being cheered on and guided by our spirit team and each other.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

I was born in Northern Ontario and was lucky to have been raised by a mother who was tremendously gifted.  My mother ran her psychic and tea leaf reading practice between 1961 and retired in 1983, the year my father passed.  Being a family of four children, it was not uncommon for us to be having family chats about spirits and the paranormal around the dinner table.  Afterall, our way of life had been immersed in being open to the unknown.  

At the age of 4, I suffered a Near Death Experience which changed my life and as I grew older, it was obvious to others that I was gifted and could no longer hide my abilities.  My mother always told me that I had been sent back here because my purpose had not been fulfilled and that I was meant to help others through my gifts, something I could not accept for many years.  

I was afraid of being teased and taunted like my mother was, so I strived to do the best I could in my professional career in professional standards and victim services, but didn’t feel the passion in what it was that I was doing.  I knew I could help people on a much different level, but of course, my gifts weren’t included in my job description and of course, some people weren’t open to it.  I kept existing at my job because I didn’t think I could do my business on my own, come out of my spiritual closet and be who I was supposed to be.  God forbid – what would people think?

However, that all changed the day my mother died.  It’s the day that I decided to follow my heart and I quit my job.  She told me “You come here with nothing, you leave with the same, so make sure to fill your heart with love, because it’s the only thing that you can take back with you”.  I realized all along that this was the “permission” I needed to be who I really was!  Once I did, I never looked back.

I immediately sought out mentors and made many inquiries as to how to start and manage my mediumship business. This really led me nowhere, so I had to learn it by doing it on my own. I made mistakes, but never repeated them, and now I can say with confidence that they were the stepping stones to my success.  

Today, I’m a Spirit Specialist, expanding awareness and consciousness in life and death.  I’m also a writer, vlogger, inspirational speaker, mentor/coach, produce my own shows, and am one of the Founding Members of The Psychic Associates. 

My colleagues and I all had a passion and desire to help others to start their business in a safe and ethical way.  We formed “The Psychic Associates” with a mission in mind!  To provide you an education platform and business tips and advice to help you gain the insight you need to kickstart your business with integrity and standards within the spiritual industry.  We’re excited and ready to help guide you through the most amazing journey of your life.  Mission possible?  Absolutely!

United We Stand

United We Stand

It started out as naturally as breathing, but the acceptance of my gifts were certainly not as effortless. My journey began as a young girl seeing and feeling spirit, which I am not going to sugar coat, because it scared the living daylight out of me to be honest.

My understanding parents would discuss these things with me, but that was about as far as their wisdom went. My brother passed away when I was 10 and I had so many questions that no one, not even the priest, could answer to my satisfaction.

I did not have a mentor to assist me and help me understand my gift, until my mid 20’s. She was on her own journey, so I was hesitant to abuse my connection in fear of losing her. And to be honest, I had such embedded fears related to my awareness, that it wasn’t until my 30’s that I really started the journey of embracing “me”. You know, the real me, and not the one I made up so I could fit in and not make others uncomfortable around me.  Realistically, I knew I was different and never really connected with any group or team. I sort of hung out on the fringe of those groups I did find interesting and as I look back now, I recognize I was simply an observer.

Years later, and after much experience, I knew I wanted to make it easier for kids who like me, who knew they were different and afraid by their apparent difference to everyone else.  As a result, I founded Psychic Kids United Inc. to offer some insight to kids and their parents. Beyond that I formed a membership to teach others how to fine tune their gifts, and now I am happy to be a founding member of The Psychic Associates to support all of you on your business  journey.

Together we will stand side by side as you embark on your entrepreneur journey and raise the vibration of this planet and beyond.

What Inspires Me

What Inspires Me

I remember when I was just wrapping up high school and all the students were so excited to be selecting their colleges and universities, planning their majors, hoping to learn more about their field of study and as I watched them, I could not help but feel I was so uninterested in all of it! For me, there were no programs or schools that interested me because they did not offer what I was looking for. I wanted to learn more about myself and why I was here on Earth and what my purpose was. I struggled with this for so long, back and forth, and finally I chose a program that I settled for because the belief system I had was that I needed to go to post-secondary school to be valuable to society because ‘that’s what we are supposed to do’. This decision shaped my life as a young adult in ways I could not expect.

I continued to struggle with my physical health, I was in and out of hospitals and seeing many doctors, feeling a little bit of everything and anything made it hard for the doctors to actually diagnose, all I knew was that I was physically feeling ‘off’, and it was mostly in my heart. I spent most of my young adulthood just trying to get through, the only thing I actually felt joy in doing was being a mom and helping others see their light. Finally, years later I had a huge health issue, that finally landed me a diagnosis, and it brought me to the realization that I was struggling with my health because I am not following my heart and living my purpose. I took a walk and did what I did best, I listened for messages, watched for signs, felt my feelings, and asked for guidance and direction from the universe, and then it happened, it all came together, and I heard it loud and clear “I do not need anyone’s permission to be me”. That was it, I was sold, I made steps to leave my job to start my career and I have never looked back and my health has never been so good.

My passion is to be with my family, raise my children, and help others find the same freedom that I found so they can live their lives on their terms. I am inspired to help you find your unique and authentic business style and help you get started on your holistic business goals because I want to help you find your inner light and shine brighter than you ever expected. 

Today, I am a Soul Coach, Psychic, Medium and CEO of Clarity Academy and Co-Founder of The Psychic Associates and I am here to help you achieve your goals and live authentically. I am so ready, are you?