Find Your Authentic Business Style

Find Your Authentic Business Style

It is my passion to watch you activate your light in this world, own your uniqueness and make a living with your authentic holistic business! I am here to offer you my support and years of coaching experience to help you achieve success in developing or growing your holistic based business and to identify and reach your goals.

Being a Clarity Coach, I believe that you possess the insight and personal power to look within to create the success you desire to live authentically while living a life of purpose. I provide the push to get going, the support to keep going, and the practical tools to help you find clarity on which path you are ready to embark on; authentically without any limits or fears!

Having extensive experience in the Human Resources and Operations Management industries gives me the opportunity to assist you in building your heart-centred business that is aligned with your purpose and business goals. The main objective that we will achieve is to identify strategic goals by developing relevant processes and systems while keeping laws and regulations in mind, and the awesome part is, we will do all this while honouring your authentic and unique business style! Understanding the concept of delivering and managing services is what helped me most in my journey of becoming a holisticpreneur!  By doing so, I was able to start my own successful businesses in the holistic industry, and now I get to help YOU!

Regardless if this is new territory to you or if you have years of experience, what I have learned by being a Clarity Coach is that my clients who were open to continuous education, creating connection, and self-empowerment, were the most successful. Building or growing a business is a process and there is always room for growth and awareness, within our businesses and ourselves as individuals.

As a Co-Founder of The Psychic Associates, I am inspired and motivated to promote connection and networking!  While building and sustaining your business, surrounding yourselves with like-minded people and experts, this will give you the opportunity to evolve even further with your business as you become educated and enlightened on different ideas and concepts.

Let’s learn how to authentically embrace an abundance mindset and start your holistic business that is heart-centred and driven to inspire purpose. It is time to get past the ‘what ifs’ and start shining. After all, authenticity is the key to success in business!  Let’s do this.

Learn How to Ease Social Media Fears

Learn How to Ease Social Media Fears

One of the biggest fears people face when starting this type of business is the fear of social media and the digital world.  It’s understandably scary to put yourself out there, the world’s stage.  But for myself, I just couldn’t wait.  Although I was a little nervous about it, the problem I had was a lack of knowledge with programs and experience when it came to social media, but it didn’t take me too long to figure it all out.

I wanted so badly to find a way to reach a much larger audience in the digital world.  I was already producing my own events, but at the time, no one in this field was doing videos, or wanted to be on video for that matter.  I knew inside my heart that the digital world was going to change drastically, and I wanted to be part of that.

Digging around to learn more about video applications, I soon learned that I couldn’t find anything at all that would record a video longer than 2 minutes.  Through my research, I met a wonderful man by the name of John, who had developed a video program for a celebrity friend of his who didn’t like to write to his wife when working abroad.  He felt the need to pre-record a video and email it to his family as a way of keeping a visual connection to his family and because he had no access to Skype.

John offered me use of the program, which at that time, captured up to ½ hour of video.  Excited, I started a business called “Video Psychic Advice” using that very program, as I felt it was important for people to experience a visual reading rather than an audio recorded one.  The client would email me a question or two when ordering the service, and I would video tape the reading and email it to them.  No one else was offering that service ,and it was a high demand item  because of the visual experience.

This inspired me to start reaching out to people on social media.  My thought was to reach as many people as I could with the messages that I had; I felt that I had so much to share.

I started a Facebook Page, an Instagram and Twitter account, and posted my video readings on these platforms.  I would record them using John’s program and upload them to YouTube so that I could share them on my social media platforms.  I was lucky enough to start doing live shows early on, however, Facebook’s video program didn’t allow me to have live guests. So my quest to find a program to do this began.

Since then, I have used many different video programs and apps which feed into various social media feeds at once, making it easier to reach a larger audience.

I enjoy connecting with my followers through my “Lives” on social media.  One of my favourite programs I enjoy using is  Streamyard because I’m able to invite up to 10 guests at once, and the system allows me to pre-record my material.  From this material, I form my blogs. What better way to connect with people!  I can also interact with my viewers and can broadcast out to many platforms at once, saving me time and money.

I encourage everyone to get their toes wet and start small like I did.  Everyone has access to a cell phone, and a camera of some kind.  If you’re just starting out, that’s all you really need.  There are so many creative apps out there and it’s really quite amazing where those baby steps will lead you to.  The video material you record will serve you for years to come and you will be able to use it for marketing campaigns.

So go ahead and have fun, experiment with all of the resources you have available to you.  There are free programs such as Clips, and Movie Maker.  It’s so simple to edit your videos.

In today’s digital world, there is no better way to be able to connect with your audience.  So for those who say, I don’t want to be on social media, you may want to rethink your plan.  You know what your purpose is and what you need to do, and besides, practice makes perfect!  Not only will you be making some amazing connections, you will be driving traffic to your site and gaining more followers, which means increased revenues for you.

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Taking the Leap of Faith Already!

Taking the Leap of Faith Already!

I am so excited for those of you that listen to your inner guidance and follow the path of success as the three of us did many years ago. I am reminded of the other day when I was chatting with a colleague of mine about “The Psychic Associates’, explaining what the concept of the business is and how it will align with my innermost desire: to support and raise others up to my level of success and then even beyond that. My friend/colleague then shouted with excitement, “this is what you have done since I have known you, in fact Liz, with everyone that knows you, so this is nothing new for you”.

Her comment made me pause. Because, to be honest with you, I thought this was a totally new concept for me, in that I would be truly supporting folks for the first time. But then as I let her comment sink in, I realized she was right. I have been doing this but just on a “one on one” basis for as long as I can remember.

Now with the collaboration between Jay, Amber and myself, we are going to be able to support the masses (YOU) and not just from my own inherited knowledge but from all three of our experiences. Amber, Jay, & I have an aligned destiny to create and offer this amazing platform for those of you either launching or reviving an existing business. We have the collective goal to raise you up for the world to benefit from your gifts.

We see you out there in the world and we also see just how difficult it is to get out of your own way. Fear, overwhelm, confidence and general business know-how are all mitigating factors when it comes to you being successful or just being.

Building this program has allowed me to reminisce on my own personal journey. I have learned to celebrate both the successes and the pitfalls. This was not always the case with regards to the pitfalls. They used to stop me in my tracks. They would cause me to hit the pause button more often than not. This would cause delays in my ability to do what I have clearly been sent here to do. Which I am honoured to say is to support folks like you on your path to success.

During my ascend to where I am now, I had to travel through the gambit of mistakes, lack of awareness in certain areas, and lack of self-confidence as a lone wolf. I did not have the benefit of anyone showing me the way, except other than my guides. At the beginning of my entrepreneur journey, I had serious trust issues with their guidance. I will never forget the constant banter from them to quit my career and do this full time.

Likely, I don’t need to tell you just how strong and persistent those guides messages can be. Let me tell you, I was convinced they were crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy if I dared to listen to them.  But over time and with tons of persuasion from them, I finally took the leap. I can honestly look back and think … wow look at you now! I have come so far, and mostly by sheer determination and grit. Don’t get me wrong, you will need determination and grit just as I did, but unlike me you will be supported on the fastest track to where you want to be.

Like you, our journey continues and now you all get to be a major player in the next phase of it. Just as we get to be major players in your next phase. I look forward to knocking our success balls out of the park together. All while being cheered on and guided by our spirit team and each other.

United We Stand

United We Stand

It started out as naturally as breathing, but the acceptance of my gifts were certainly not as effortless. My journey began as a young girl seeing and feeling spirit, which I am not going to sugar coat, because it scared the living daylight out of me to be honest.

My understanding parents would discuss these things with me, but that was about as far as their wisdom went. My brother passed away when I was 10 and I had so many questions that no one, not even the priest, could answer to my satisfaction.

I did not have a mentor to assist me and help me understand my gift, until my mid 20’s. She was on her own journey, so I was hesitant to abuse my connection in fear of losing her. And to be honest, I had such embedded fears related to my awareness, that it wasn’t until my 30’s that I really started the journey of embracing “me”. You know, the real me, and not the one I made up so I could fit in and not make others uncomfortable around me.  Realistically, I knew I was different and never really connected with any group or team. I sort of hung out on the fringe of those groups I did find interesting and as I look back now, I recognize I was simply an observer.

Years later, and after much experience, I knew I wanted to make it easier for kids who like me, who knew they were different and afraid by their apparent difference to everyone else.  As a result, I founded Psychic Kids United Inc. to offer some insight to kids and their parents. Beyond that I formed a membership to teach others how to fine tune their gifts, and now I am happy to be a founding member of The Psychic Associates to support all of you on your business  journey.

Together we will stand side by side as you embark on your entrepreneur journey and raise the vibration of this planet and beyond.

What Inspires Me

What Inspires Me

I remember when I was just wrapping up high school and all the students were so excited to be selecting their colleges and universities, planning their majors, hoping to learn more about their field of study and as I watched them, I could not help but feel I was so uninterested in all of it! For me, there were no programs or schools that interested me because they did not offer what I was looking for. I wanted to learn more about myself and why I was here on Earth and what my purpose was. I struggled with this for so long, back and forth, and finally I chose a program that I settled for because the belief system I had was that I needed to go to post-secondary school to be valuable to society because ‘that’s what we are supposed to do’. This decision shaped my life as a young adult in ways I could not expect.

I continued to struggle with my physical health, I was in and out of hospitals and seeing many doctors, feeling a little bit of everything and anything made it hard for the doctors to actually diagnose, all I knew was that I was physically feeling ‘off’, and it was mostly in my heart. I spent most of my young adulthood just trying to get through, the only thing I actually felt joy in doing was being a mom and helping others see their light. Finally, years later I had a huge health issue, that finally landed me a diagnosis, and it brought me to the realization that I was struggling with my health because I am not following my heart and living my purpose. I took a walk and did what I did best, I listened for messages, watched for signs, felt my feelings, and asked for guidance and direction from the universe, and then it happened, it all came together, and I heard it loud and clear “I do not need anyone’s permission to be me”. That was it, I was sold, I made steps to leave my job to start my career and I have never looked back and my health has never been so good.

My passion is to be with my family, raise my children, and help others find the same freedom that I found so they can live their lives on their terms. I am inspired to help you find your unique and authentic business style and help you get started on your holistic business goals because I want to help you find your inner light and shine brighter than you ever expected. 

Today, I am a Soul Coach, Psychic, Medium and CEO of Clarity Academy and Co-Founder of The Psychic Associates and I am here to help you achieve your goals and live authentically. I am so ready, are you?