The Difference Between A Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant

The Difference Between A Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant

What’s the difference between a Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant?  Are you looking for connection or spiritual guidance?  Are you looking for clarity on which service will best fit your needs?

When looking for answers that align with your goals, you will most likely come across Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants — all offering spiritual services. I often hear from clients that they believe that all three specialties are synonymous, which is not really accurate! Although Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants are all gifted with spiritual abilities, they have significant differences in what services they provide and what techniques they use.

What is a Psychic?

I like to say, “All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums”. Psychics use the energy and vibrations that surround them, as well as their own natural, or learned, intuition to tune into your past, present, and future. By doing so, a Psychic will then be able to convey any messages or insight that can provide clarity to any inquiries you may have about different aspects of your life! If you are searching for guidance on your path of life, a Psychic who is able to tune into you and your experiences, is the spiritual professional for you to connect with!

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a spiritual worker who is able to connect to your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Mediums are essentially the communication link between people who are present on earth and spirits. If you are in need of comfort or seeking any information that may have been left unsaid during your loved ones time on earth, a Medium will be able to provide the direct communication needed for you to feel more connected to your loved one who is no longer with you in the physical world.

What is a Clairvoyant?

Someone who identifies as a Clairvoyant uses the psychic abilities within them to visualize energy, generally using the third eye. What does this mean? A Clairvoyant views energy in forms of movement, colour, pictures, shadows, orbs and lights. So is a Clairvoyant and a Psychic the same? Close, but not exact. One of the psychic abilities is Clairvoyance, there are many ways to connect to energy as a psychic. A Clairvoyant is a title to describe a Psychic who is able to tune into energy through the visualizations mentioned above. As long as you practice and trust your ability, I feel anyone can learn to access their inner Clairvoyance!

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How to Keep Your Social Media Secure

How to Keep Your Social Media Secure

Social media security is important.  Most social platforms afford you the tools to be able to manage your business and to keep potential hackers and trolls at bay.  If you are a Page Owner on networks such as Facebook or Instagram, then you’ll understand the realities of this becoming a possibility. Here are some tips to help keep your social media accounts secure, stress and headache free!

Banning Users: When someone makes unwanted comments on your social media page, you can choose to ban a user which in turns removes the comments that they’ve made, eliminating issues quite quickly. Facebook groups are a little different in that the group’s administrator can choose to either send the offender a warning, suspension or remove them from the group completely. Make sure to check your settings to ensure that they are not able to rejoin the group after then been banned or removed.

Social Media Trolls: Trolls are a much bigger problem!  You’ll know if you have a troll when they have gone through the trouble of cloning your account or financially exploiting your clients by emailing them asking for money while posing as you or your business. Yes, it’s happened to me!  Freaky right?  It can be, but it’s best to remain calm and to report these activities.  Create a post asking your friends or followers to do the same may also be a good idea.  The more attention the situation gets, the more quickly it may be resolved.

Restrictions:  My experience with the trolls that had cloned my social media pages were from specific countries and when investigating further, I learned that some possessed hundreds of accounts.  I thought this would be a never ending issue until a friend who had had the same issue, suggested that I restrict the country in which my trolls lived which I found under the general settings of my page.  When you add restrictions, whether a country or an age restriction, only people who meet the requirements will be able to see your page, and anyone who likes your page, but doesn’t fit the requirements will be deleted.  You can update your restrictions at any time.  If no age or country restrictions are listed, your page will be visible to everyone.  A person who can’t see you page, cannot troll you!

Content Moderation:  If you own a page on Facebook, you can eliminate certain words from appearing on your page.  For instance, most will add keywords such as “fake”,  “charlatan”, or  “evil” to there Content Moderation list under General Settings.  There is also a Profanity Filter section below it where you can add keywords to that may be useful in keeping unwanted content on your page.  Make sure to review your General Settings on your account or go to your Facebook Help Section for more information.

Protecting Your Accounts: Hackers and trolls who like to wreak havoc on social media are part of our every day reality. If they gain access to your accounts, they can potentially cause you quite big headaches. If you’ve noticed some suspicious activity on your account, immediately log out of all locations under your personal account settings.  Then, enable your two factor authentication through all of your platforms.  It may be a little bit to get used to, but it will give you the extra layer of protection, and peace of mind!  I also encourage you to change your passwords often.

I hope that these tips from my very own experiences help you move forward to a stress free social media environment!  Do your research and if you have questions, make sure to look them up.  The more information you’re armed with, the more it will help you keep unwanted visitors joining your social networks.



Overcome the Fear of Visibility

Overcome the Fear of Visibility

Are you avoiding “showing up” as a Lightworker entrepreneur? Putting yourself out there can be a very scary step for many people. We often create negative thoughts in our head such as; “What if no one will believe in me?“ or “What if no one likes me?” or “This industry is saturated, what if no one follows me or resonates with my message?” and “What if I am rejected?”. For people who are fearful or reluctant to become visible, their mind subconsciously halts them in their tracks because the thought of being vulnerable to criticism is terrifying. Do you find yourself struggling with a fear of being visible? Read below to find out how you can overcome your fear and start showing up as a Lightworker entrepreneur courageously and confidently!

Awareness- When someone rejects you, questions you, or treats you poorly, what do you do? Be aware that other people’s actions are a direct indication of their limits, wounds, traumas, and beliefs. Although easier said than done — try not to take it personally. If you catch yourself doubting your value, it’s important to remember that your self worth is not determined by their expectations or judgements. Their actions are completely unrelated to you! Positive affirmations of your value should promote a healthy relationship with your inner self while also giving you the opportunity to embrace and appreciate who you are.

Self-Acceptance- Attempt to really focus on what is making you feel this fear. Could you have unhealed wounds that need to mend in order for you to grow? If so, the quicker that you address what’s holding you hostage, the easier it’ll be to overcome the fear of visibility. Although taking the step to becoming more visible is profoundly positive, it’s also just as important to be realistic and honest with our expectations. Putting yourself out there is an enormous victory that should be celebrated however, it does not mean you aren’t fearful to do so. Feeling scared and vulnerable is never easy, but the more you practice accepting your vulnerability for what it is, the more joy you’ll be able to experience!

Empowerment- Take off your mask and own your role in life! When you are stuck in the pattern of hiding your authenticity, bringing your whole self to the table can be challenging. Living the life you truly want is all about trusting yourself and the purpose you have! The truth is, you are never going to be a perfect fit for everyone and everything. The more defined and openly visible you are, the more you will attract like minded people who accept you for who you are, and give you the confidence to continue sticking to your niche!

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your purpose and embrace your authentic joy! Conforming yourself to fit others expectations only diminishes the confidence needed to love unapologetically. I believe that you have it in you to overcome your fear, but keep in mind that action is key. Now that you’ve learned how to crush the fear you’re experiencing and have committed to being more visible, it’s time to do your job and find joy!

Let me help you develop goals and a plan to help you become visible and shine your light as an entrepreneur!

Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Why Psychics Struggle in Business

Combining a spiritual life into the entrepreneurship world may be challenging to psychics and to those who are energetically sensitive. When entering the world of business, you may find yourself surprised with the frequency of ethical dilemmas you may face, as you navigate what you feel is right and what is actually being experienced. Psychics that become entrepreneurs will experience resistance in business as your Shadow Self may show you parts of yourself you have denied until now. Although your spiritual self possesses very healing and affirming traits, the business environment presents many formidable challenges that can be sensitive to a psychic.

Take a look below to find out the 5 reasons psychics struggle with the business:

Are you sensitive to the judgments, projections and feelings around you? As a psychic, you often sense information and energy before others which makes confronting your own reality challenging, especially in regards to your self worth. Being a psychic is who you are, you were naturally born with the ability, you may question how valuable your gift truly is.

Putting a price on such a gifted ability may feel very earnest, yet it’s important because it determines how much revenue you will drive. As an empath soul, you want to be able to provide clarity and guidance to those who are in need however, the pricing aspect of the Holistic business may be daunting. Many psychics fear that by putting a price on their natural ability, the goal of helping others on their spiritual journey may become impersonal due to the financial aspect.

Energy Overload
Passionate psychics want to be able to provide a meaningful experience for their clients that has a purposeful outcome. When you are an entrepreneurial psychic, sometimes regularly connecting to spiritual energy, may become exhausting and lead to the feeling of dread when performing services. The idea of needing to see many clients in a day to sustain a practical income can be energy consuming. Practicing the “quality over quantity” approach and pricing your fees appropriately will benefit you as a psychic.

Judgement and Negative Energy
When forging your own path and stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially by starting a business as a psychic or Holistic healer, you may face judgment from clientele as well as other psychics who view your business as competition. The world needs what you have to offer! Own it instead of making yourself smaller to conform to other people’s expectations of you.

Fear of Visibility
Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel that you lack the brains, the courage, and the creativity? Chances are, what you’re feeling is a normal part of the journey as a psychic worker! We are predominately wired with fear. You may find it challenging to further pursue a Holistic business because of fearing of not being accepted in society. Putting yourself out into the cut-throat entrepreneur world while also being energy sensitive, can lead you to feeling as if you’re on unsteady ground.

I’m here to tell you that you can balance your own spirituality with your psychic business! Don’t wait your entire life to start your entrepreneurship journey because of reservations and fear you may be having. Search for the calm within the chaos, lessen the worry by continuing moving forward regardless of the adversity!

Want to learn more about embracing life as a psychic entrepreneur? Join us, we can help!

What Stops You Becoming an Entrepreneur

What Stops You Becoming an Entrepreneur

We all build ideas in our minds about what life will be like. Yet, we may sit on the sidelines of our own life and resign ourselves to a life filled with regret.

Nearly 10 years ago I took a massive leap to leave the corporate world to pursue my soul purpose.

I knew that as long as I persevered and asked questions, the answers would naturally come and that I would end up exactly where I needed to be. I have now been blessed with so much occupational freedom compared to working in the corporate world. Living an entrepreneurial life has now promised me days of creativity, adventure and self ownership.

Here are the top 5 factors that will stop you short in your tracks on the success train:

  1. The fear of judgment, failure or inadequacy
    Define your niche and stick to it! Confidence is key. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that bring passion and innovation to what they do. Instead of being fearful, celebrate all of your successes!
  2. The uncertainty of your goals, mission and values
    When you have no clear plan to keep you focused, that’s when you may lose sight of your objective. Overcome this by setting different short and long term goals in both your professional and personal life. While on the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur, reassess your goals every so often and adjust accordingly. Develop a mission statement and align your choices with it, while also identifying your values and using them to make professional choices.
  3. Wavering commitment to your dream of living your true purpose
    In the words of Tim Ferris, “For all of the most important things in life, the timing always sucks.” What does this mean?  It means you cannot afford to wait until all of the lights are green to start. Our comfort zone is exactly that; comfortable. On my journey I have realized that it is during the times that I am far outside my element that I experience the most. Instead of discarding your dreams to remain comfortable, develop a business plan with timelines. Take one step towards each day to fulfill your goals.
  4. Living in the narratives that others/our own egos have created for us
    When you live in someone else’s story, it is because you do not feel worthy enough to live the life you have! Do not try to be everything to everyone! Originality is key. Originality implies that you are bold enough to go beyond the societal accepted “norms”. Paint your own picture and then live in alignment with it while also identifying the parts of your painting that already exist!
  5. The question is, “how much success to have?”
    We wrestle with the definition of success and how much we get to experience in our life. This may mean discovering what financial blocks you have, your own, or generational beliefs about success, money, and entrepreneurship. Become inspired by others! By doing what you love, you are inspiring and awakening the hearts by others as well.  Educating yourself by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, or finding a mentor will help you on your path to success.

These 5 factors are what keep people from obtaining their dreams of becoming a successful holisticpreneuer. Fortunately, you can achieve success by avoiding these things and instead focus on whatever you have to do to reach your goals!

Authentic Holistic Entrepreneur

Authentic Holistic Entrepreneur

When one passionately believes in the work of healers, coaches, mentors, holistic practitioners and conscious entrepreneurs — yet senses a deeper calling within — it may be a sign that spirit is calling you to expand your reach. Do you feel called to serve a larger purpose through holistic healing? It sounds like it is time to start your journey as an authentic Holistic Entreprenuer which will in turn give you the freedom to follow your highest calling.

  1. Speak Your Truth
    Avoid misrepresenting yourself or your services.  When a business falsifies themselves, the consumer loses confidence and in turn searches elsewhere for their desired service. Applying authenticity to your business is frightening due to the fear of rejection, however, the most successful Holisticprenuers exhibit self awareness, mindfulness and self acceptance.
  2. Stay True To Your Mission 
    When businesses have misalignments within, it becomes challenging when defining how they differentiate themselves in the market. As a Holisticprenuer, your mission and values should work together to help you attract your consumers and employees. Once you have your business aligned with your vision, consumers will know who you are, what you offer and what you stand for which will earn you loads of success.
  3. Recognize That You Do Not Have To Please Everyone 
    Sometimes when people ask something of you, you may find yourself saying “Yes” all too often. Without the ability of saying “No”, you will end up running someone else’s business, not your own. By setting boundaries you are respecting yourself as a Holisticprenuer and an individual while also preserving your energy and values.
  4. Accept That You Cannot Help Everyone
    When providing a Holistic service to someone, that individual must be somewhat aligned to your philosophy or spiritual views. Sometimes the connection will lack and instead of trying to conform yourself to fit the needs of that consumer, accept that your journeys may be separate. Trust that when you do make a strong relationship with someone, it is because you both are attracted to each other’s energy and resign with similar beliefs and value systems. Accept that those who come to you will benefit most from the value and experience that only you are able to offer them as a Holisticprenuer.
  5. Slow Down
    Yes, a spurt of hustle mania can light a fire under feet that seem to be dragging, yet the long term effects of hasty actions in your business can be dangerous. It is easy to fall prey to the impulse to rush. Stop, and step back. Instead, plan ahead and establish a strategy that works best for you and your business. Slowing down and making well considered choices can make a significant difference in the success of your business.

There is no “cookie cutter” leader.  Every great leader and Holistic Entreprenuer brings a unique combination of attributes to their business. If there is a key ingredient to becoming successful, it is simply to be yourself.