How you portray yourself for the world to see is not just about colours, fonts and logos. More and more people are demanding that they see the face behind the brand, the who and the why. You are your own brand. Being authentic with your values, beliefs and missions make you marketable and will be the thing that gets you lifelong clients and colleagues, or could leave you with the sound of crickets.

Here are some important things to consider when branding yourself authentically:

What you support — Do you volunteer or donate to an organization? Do you support other entrepreneurs or small businesses? Do you fear supporting other like-minded entrepreneurs? What and who you support will provide you opportunities to network and make a positive impact in the community. Soul mate clients of Lightworkers want to know what you support and if it aligns to a deep level of meaningful impact. Other Lightworkers that may want to work with you will view you as a professional who is committed to an investment of time and energy for the Higher good and displaying your solid work ethics and reliability.

Who you mingle with — Do you have a support system ( Also known as a Cheering Squad )? Do you spend a significant amount of time with people vibrating at a lower energy than yours?

Where you show up — Do you consistently show up in the media, events, or social media?

Why you are showing up — Do you have a clear message that is in alignment with your vision, values, beliefs, and mission? Being authentic is knowing who you are, learning from yourself, and accepting yourself for who you are. People that are looking to connect with a Lightworker will be very intuitive and often use their intuition to vibe out their decision to connect with you. They can see through indecisiveness, fears, lack of self-acceptance and if you believe yourself to be worthy of your role. If you know your message and it aligns to your values, beliefs, and mission, people will have confidence in your abilities and connect for guidance or collaboration.

When times get tough — Do you fear rejection or visibility? Do you avoid negative comments or remove yourself to avoid negativity? Even entrepreneurs that have millions of followers receive negative comments or reviews, yet they still show up because they know what their message is, what their brand is, and more people will resonate with authenticity than negativity. If you believe in your message, consider using that energy to fuel the desire to show up and share it with others.

We are becoming more selective with who and what we invest our money in. Showing up authentically, at work and at play, will help your potential clients and colleagues feel confident with investing in you! The entrepreneurs that are willing to connect, support, network, grow and stand for their values, beliefs will be viewed as authentic. As well as being easily able to align to their mission for a successful and meaningful impact that will keep your name on the tips of everyone’s tongues when considering who they want to hire or work with.

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