When one passionately believes in the work of healers, coaches, mentors, holistic practitioners and conscious entrepreneurs — yet senses a deeper calling within — it may be a sign that spirit is calling you to expand your reach. Do you feel called to serve a larger purpose through holistic healing? It sounds like it is time to start your journey as an authentic Holistic Entreprenuer which will in turn give you the freedom to follow your highest calling.

  1. Speak Your Truth
    Avoid misrepresenting yourself or your services.  When a business falsifies themselves, the consumer loses confidence and in turn searches elsewhere for their desired service. Applying authenticity to your business is frightening due to the fear of rejection, however, the most successful Holisticprenuers exhibit self awareness, mindfulness and self acceptance.
  2. Stay True To Your Mission 
    When businesses have misalignments within, it becomes challenging when defining how they differentiate themselves in the market. As a Holisticprenuer, your mission and values should work together to help you attract your consumers and employees. Once you have your business aligned with your vision, consumers will know who you are, what you offer and what you stand for which will earn you loads of success.
  3. Recognize That You Do Not Have To Please Everyone 
    Sometimes when people ask something of you, you may find yourself saying “Yes” all too often. Without the ability of saying “No”, you will end up running someone else’s business, not your own. By setting boundaries you are respecting yourself as a Holisticprenuer and an individual while also preserving your energy and values.
  4. Accept That You Cannot Help Everyone
    When providing a Holistic service to someone, that individual must be somewhat aligned to your philosophy or spiritual views. Sometimes the connection will lack and instead of trying to conform yourself to fit the needs of that consumer, accept that your journeys may be separate. Trust that when you do make a strong relationship with someone, it is because you both are attracted to each other’s energy and resign with similar beliefs and value systems. Accept that those who come to you will benefit most from the value and experience that only you are able to offer them as a Holisticprenuer.
  5. Slow Down
    Yes, a spurt of hustle mania can light a fire under feet that seem to be dragging, yet the long term effects of hasty actions in your business can be dangerous. It is easy to fall prey to the impulse to rush. Stop, and step back. Instead, plan ahead and establish a strategy that works best for you and your business. Slowing down and making well considered choices can make a significant difference in the success of your business.

There is no “cookie cutter” leader.  Every great leader and Holistic Entreprenuer brings a unique combination of attributes to their business. If there is a key ingredient to becoming successful, it is simply to be yourself.