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You know your purpose as a Psychic. You have a vision as a Healer. Now you are ready to shine as an Empath.

When you take one of our courses or become an Associate or VIP Member, you become part of a mission to see yourself and others in the light you were meant to be … empowered!

The Psychic Associates offers education to help you develop your abilities or grow a holistic business and provides support on your spiritual journey.  For those starting or growing a business, our marketing platform helps to elevate your online visibility in a connected community of like-minded holisticpreneurs that know what it’s all about! Our education, mentoring and resources empowers you to succeed.

The Psychic Associates is for you if you …


Found your purpose in life in the Spiritual or Holistic Industry

Want to live in alignment with your life’s purpose

Are ready to invest in you

Want to make a meaningful contribution to the world

Want to be empowered and eliminate self-doubt to grow your business

Want to manifest your life’s purpose into a full-time career and business with excellence

Want to belong to a supportive community of like-minded people who ‘get you’

Want education, enlightenment, support and guidance to navigate through the confusion & overwhelm of starting your business

The Psychic Associates Founders

Jay Lane, President and Founding Member The Psychic Associates

Jay Lane

Founding Member
The Psychic Associates

Jay Lane is one of Canada’s most sought after Psychic/Mediums, coach, inspirational speakers and educator, for celebrity A-List clientele as well as individuals and companies from all over the world.  Recently honoured with “Medium 2020”, a Spiritual Excellence Halo Award, it recognizes her work within the spiritual community as a Medium. Jay is best known for her live shows, her last tour with the notorious James Van Praagh from California.  Jay is also well known for business savvy in her field and produces her own Canadian events.

She has hosted and been a guest on several TV shows including CNN Headline News, and is a recurring guest on SiriusXM radio.  After releasing her first book in 2019, “Dying to Know: Answers on Death and the Afterlife”, Jay continues to write and vlog about these topics.

Currently under development, Jay is working on a new television series “Spirits with Spirits”, and has a successful product line including her own Infinity Oracle cards.

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Liz Throp, Founding Member The Psychic Associates

Liz Throp

Founding Member
The Psychic Associates

In 2011, Liz Throp chose to devote herself to being a full-time Psychic and has never looked back. Liz is now a recognized Psychic Medium with clients from around the world.

Liz has been featured on the Canadian television production “The Paranormal Show” numerous times as an expert and has also been showcased regularly on the local radio morning show on Country 89FM. Liz’s show “The Gifted Onez” can be found on YouTube through Giant TV Niagara. The show is dedicated to showcasing people in the metaphysical world who discuss all things from A to Z. Liz Throp and Amber Price co-host Giant TV’s “The Insighters”.  She is also produces the weekly Horoscope for Giant FM and Country 89 FM websites.

Liz is a Certified Life Coach and founded the organization “Psychic Kids United Inc”. Psychic Kids United Inc. is a major part of Liz’s soul’s plan.

Liz is the recipient of numerous awards, namely The Top 10 Reader’s Choice Psychic Awards and The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards to mention a few.

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Amber Price, Founding Member The Psychic Associates

Amber Price

Founding Member
The Psychic Associates

The Clarity Expert, Amber Price, is one of Canada’s top Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Educators, Soul Coach, Co-Host of Giant TV’s The Insighters, Co-Host of Canadian Mediumship Summit, Author of the ‘Spiritual Journey Workbook’ and ‘Finding Clarity: Authentic Living’, Founder of Clarity Academy, and Host of The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards. 

Amber has been honoured and recognized with awards for her continued impact in the coaching and mediumship industries. Amber is highly sought-after by an international clientele and is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Amber is inspired to help people gain clarity on life’s most important experiences, to discover their passion and purpose and connect to their consciousness, to authentically live their best life! 

Amber provides insight using her intuitive abilities, to help people find the confidence needed to mindfully live an authentic life with purpose and clarity.

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