There is a term often discussed and diagnosed in spiritual circles called “The Spiritual Awakening” it refers to a person going through the mildly unnerving crisis of “who am I, and why am I here?” It can become somewhat exciting too as the one experiencing this awakening suddenly begins to feel very much alive for the first time in their lives.

It was Carl Jung who brought us to this awareness. He described this process as coming back into your original self. Usually, a life-changing event will cause or trigger a spiritual awakening, but it can also be brought on by a person being completely fed up with their life’s path, and one day Boom, they become open to another way of thinking.

It’s mostly spontaneous events such as a move, relationship collapse, being fired, or an illness just to name a few events that will cause us to re-evaluate our life experience thus far and start us on the road to pondering our lives from a more spiritual perspective.

Thoughts like: Do I need this job? I always feel repressed doing it. Or Awareness like: that marriage was caustic. I wonder why I tolerated that for as long as I did. Or Realizations like: I nearly died in that accident, what have I accomplished in my life so far? Or I have to be a better person now, and I need to be more supportive of those around me. Whatever it is that triggers you when it happens, it certainly is a major deal to those going through it!  And it can be even more confusing to those connected to them.

Here are 10 signs you might be experiencing a “Spiritual Awakening”.

  1. You feel disconnected or detached from others and your life in general. This is the most overwhelming phase of the process as it can be very confusing. Everything you thought was once true about your life is now a lie and you begin to disconnect from those you normally feel very connected to.
  2. You change direction in your life with little or no fear! You begin to re-evaluate everything you believe in, and as a result, you make some radical changes such as changing to a new job that you are passionate about because it feels like you can make a difference in the world by doing it.
  3. Your intuition is awakening, and you are highly tuned into yourself and others now. This can cause a shift or rift in relationships. It can feel as though no one is speaking your language around you and you begin to recoil from the status quo relationships that no longer serve your new awareness.
  4. Déjà vu plays a major role in your daily life. You think of someone and the next thing you know they are either calling you or you run into them. You also begin to see other signs such as number sequences such as 111, 222 etc. each of these number sequences have special meanings so be sure to google the meanings as you receive these sacred angel messages.
  5. You will become intolerant to those who try to manipulate or behave in inauthentic ways. You will have zero tolerance for lies, as anyone that is not in integrity will feel very uncomfortable to be connected with. Trusting in your intuition becomes heightened, and impossible to ignore.
  6. You just want to be in nature, like all the time. Hugging a tree seems like the right thing to do as an act of gratitude for it giving you oxygen. When you are near water you have a sense of calm come over you. You can suddenly understand animals’ needs as if they are talking telepathically with you. Every living thing has a right to live so moving a worm off of a hot sidewalk becomes your life’s mission.
  7. You begin to see the world differently. It can be downright overwhelming and ego shattering when you begin to see things you can never unsee about this world and all who manage her. You begin to realize that everyone is on their own path and that you can in fact make an impact in the world by becoming who you need to be. Usually this brings on a feeling or urge to be of service to others, animals, planets or the environment as a whole.
  8. You feel a sense of duty that you are happy to oblige. Those you need for enlightenment fall into your lap at just the right time for you. This may come in the form of a spiritual teacher, a stranger or a literal spiritual leader suddenly becoming so shiny you are not able to ignore them.
  9. You will suddenly understand the term Earth Angel intimately. Life suddenly becomes very curious to you again. You will see it from a childlike perspective. This can make you very emotional as your outlook on the world feels quite different than it does to others. This can cause you to feel alienated and lonely at times. But as a result, you will also experience more empathy and compassion towards others and the ways of the world will suddenly start to make more sense as you navigate the turmoil you see everywhere.
  10. You have a new type of energy. Don’t be surprised if you sleep less and have actual physical symptoms such as brain fog and extreme fatigue. It is also common to gain some weight. This happens as a result of subconsciously wanting to ground yourself (making yourself heavier gives the illusion of grounding).

As you can see sadly the path to enlightenment is not all fairies and rainbows as one would hope or expect it be. It is not a path for the light-hearted either. You will change, and evolve, and you will feel the burdens that initially come with the awakening. The good news is they start to wear off as you grow spiritually. The process is not a team sport neither, it is an every-man/woman for themselves event. But do not fret.

A spiritual awakening creates the most beautiful people that have ever existed or who even still exist today. So, if you find that you are on this path yourself. First off, trust yourself to know what you need as well as when you need it, and if you feel stuck pay attention to those who come into your awareness as they are likely those earth angel’s aka teachers who have come to enlighten you.

I am excited to see what your enlightenment brings into the world. Above all else no matter how dire the situation never dim your light for anyone!

Stay shiny always!